Best Youth Crossbow For Hunting

Bow and arrow shooting is quite different from rifle shooting. The bow and arrow are quieter but they also demand that the shooter be closer to their target, and that the shooter have powerful arms that can pull back great amounts of draw weight.

The crossbow is a bow that does not require large amounts of strength and can be shot successfully by smaller and younger people. The best youth crossbow for hunting according to our expert panel of instructors and marksmen is one that is light, efficient, and has all of the safety features.

Top 6 Best Youth Crossbows in 2021

1. Daisy 4003 Youth Crossbow


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Daisy 4003 youth crossbow is the perfect beginner’s bow. It is versatile and can be used with the left or right hand as the dominant hand. It has a low draw weight of 29 pounds which most children between the ages or 8 and 11 can easily handle.

The rear sight on this mechanism is completely adjustable so you can set it for your youngster. It is super easy to assemble and it comes with arrows that are good for target practice and skill building.

2. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package


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With a 175-pound draw weight this hunting crossbow is capable of bringing down the majority of game animals that are hunted in the United States. This is a good bow for youth shooters who are already skilled at using a lighter bow and ready for real-life hunting. This is not the first bow you want to buy for a child under the age of 13, but it is an excellent choice for anyone 13 and over who is ready to improve their skills,

3. Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package


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150-lb. draw weight creates 315 feet-per-second arrow trajectory and requires only a 3.5-lb trigger pull, making  Barnett jackal crossbow package an excellent youth crossbow for older, more experienced youth hunters. This is not the first crossbow you wil want your child to learn with, but it is definitely the one that you will want to give your youth when they are ready to perfect their technique and agility before going out to hunt real game animals. This bow is powerful enough to kill white tail deer and other large game animals. It comes as a complete package so you have everything your child needs to use this item.

4. Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow


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Barnett whitetail hunter II is Powerful, versatile, and lightweight crossbow. This weapon can be used no matter which hand and eye your shooter is dominant with. It is lightweight and can be carried by smaller hunters and female hunters without causing strain, or missed shots due to arm fatigue. It is also powerful enough to make a kill shot on something as large as a white tail deer with a minimum amount of trigger pull.

This bow is great for learning with and is also great for use in hunting so it is something that your youth hunter will use for a long period of time without outgrowing the bow.

5. Manticore SAS 150lbs Crossbow


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Real Tree camouflage design has been implemented into the crossbow making this bow great for target practice and excellent for use when hunting. It has a draw weight that equals 150-pounds so it is powerful enough to drop an animal as large as a whitetail deer, and possibly as large as a small elk. It is very light at less than 7 pounds so it does not cause fatigue even when used by smaller hunters.

This is a versatile unit that can be used by everyone. It is not designated as predominantly right-hand shooter specific.

6. Wildgame Innovations XR250 Crossbow


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Fiberglass limbs make this crossbow one of the lightest weapons with this much draw weight and power. The fiberglass is weather resistant, light, and strong enough to create 150-pound draw weight.

The design of this weapon includes aluminum barrel construction for perfection in trajectory and increased velocity. It has an auto safety cocking mechanism that makes it perfect as a teaching bow because it stops accidental shots from being fired, and gives the youth more time to consider their shot and their target.

It is great for right or left-handed shooters. It can be used for practice or hunting purposes.

What to Consider Before Buying Best Youth Crossbow

Buying a youth crossbow requires you to do a little research on these items. You want a bow that your child is capable of using so they do not get discouraged when they are first learning to use it. You also want a bow that is not too heavy or too powerful. A bow that can grow with the child will allow your child to get more use from the item, and develop greater amounts of skill.

Consider the following things about crossbows prior to purchasing one of these weapons. If you know more about the features of the item than you can make an informed decision and get the best bow for your needs.

Trigger Pull

You shoot the arrow from a crossbow by pulling a trigger like the triggers on rifles or shotguns. The draw-weight of a bow usually indicates the amount of strength the shooter will need to execute a shot. This is not true of crossbows. The draw-weight of the item may be 175-pounds but the trigger weight may be 3.5-pounds. The trigger weight determines how much strength you need in your hand to be able to execute the shot.

You want a trigger pull that is smooth all the way through the action of the pull. Your desire is to pull the trigger back slowly and smoothly so there are no jerky movements during this part of the shooting process. This is why shooters hold their breath as they pull the trigger. They do not want the action of inhaling or exhaling to move their hands even a minute amount while they are releasing an arrow.

Draw Weight

The draw weight on a bow tells you the amount of force required to pull the string of the bow back before you launch an arrow. Larger draw weights indicate that the arrow shot will be more powerful, will travel faster, and will travel farther when shot. With a crossbow the draw-weight is less of a concern because the shooter only has to operate the trigger mechanism and does not really have to pull the string back to lock it in position.

You should still be concerned with the draw-weight because lighter weights are not ideal for hunting large game. Higher draw weights are better for hunting but may not be ideal for target practice.


The velocity of the arrow is determined by how fast the arrow can move after it is released from the bow string. Higher velocity arrows travel farther at a faster rate of speed. Higher velocity is required for hunting larger game species.

Higher draw-weights on the weapons will indicate higher velocity possibilities. The draw-back to higher velocities is when the weapon is strictly being used as a teaching tool or practice weapon. You do not want the arrow to travel farther than the normal distance of the target would be. You want to compare velocity with what you are using the weapon for.

The crossbow is not a weapon that is really accurate at larger distances. You will basically want to keep your shots at a distance of no greater than 50-yards no matter what the velocity rating of the weapon is. If you practice shooting at a 30-yard to 40-yard distance you will be more capable of hitting a target and making a kill-shot. If you try for longer distances there is a good chance that the animal will not be injured enough that they die upon strike, and that means you may be tracking a wounded animal, or possibly hitting the animal in an undesirable location.

Weight of weapon

The weight of the weapon makes a huge difference when you are buying it for a child. Some of these weapons weigh in excess of 10 pounds and that amount of weight can be difficult for a smaller child to maintain in a proper shooting position long enough for them to sight in their target and fire their arrow. The weight of the crossbow should be considered and the strength of the child that will be shooting must also be considered.

The materials the bow is crafted from will play a large part in the weight of the item. Stainless steel bows are slightly heavier than some of the composites or the aluminum bows, but the stainless steel creates a steadier weapon that can handle the abuses of outdoor shooting without corrosion occurring. Aluminum bows are lighter but the lighter bow has a tendency to kick-up when the arrow is released at greater draw-weights and this reduces the accuracy the shooter has. Composite materials create lighter weapons that have more tensile strength than aluminum, but composite bows are not as durable as the stainless-steel items are.

Adjustable sights

Adjustable sights allow you to create the perfect vision sight for the person shooting. You want adjustable rear sights so your young shooter can create their own perfect targeting strategies.

Right or Left-Hand Shooting

It is very important that you get a bow designed to be used with the dominant hand of the person who will shoot the weapon the most. The majority of crossbows can be fired with equal proficiency by someone using their left or right hands. Most vertical bows require one specific hand be dominant. Read the details of the weapon carefully to determine what dominant hand is best with the item.

Scope Included?

The majority of crossbows do come with a scope. The quality or features of the scope may differ greatly. Scopes may have magnification settings that help you to hone your aim in on the target better. They may have illumination settings that help you to see better in darker places.

The scopes on these items are not the same as scopes you find on rifles. They are not going to allow you to shoot at great distances. They are designed to aid your shot much like the sight pins help you when you use a vertical bow.

Reverse Draw Cams

The latest technology has developed a reverse draw cam that allows the crossbow to have a higher power stroke. The higher power stroke makes the arrow faster and more powerful.

Additional Considerations

To shoot a bow you need an arrow. Some of the bows come with equipment like arrows, quivers, rope cocking devices, and lube wax. Most of the time the arrows that accompany a bow in a package or not the highest-grade arrows. They are usually great for target practicing purposes, but you will likely want to buy better arrows for hunting. So do not put too much consideration into the added items.

Another important thing to consider about package deals is the value of the things in the package. Look at the price of the bow without the added quivers, rope cocking device, etc., and then look at what these items normally sell of individually. You will then be able to see if the package deal is a bargain or if the accessories are inflating the cost of the bow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age can a Child Buy a Crossbow?

A child can shoot a crossbow under the supervision of an adult but to actually buy one of these weapons in many countries a person needs to be 18 years or older. In a large number of states a person must have a special license in order to own a crossbow. The regulations for hunting with a crossbow change from state to state in the United States so check your local hunting and fishing guidelines before buying.

Can kids use Crossbows?

Children can use crossbows but they need to be supervised by an adult or guardian. In some countries, these items are considered to be in the same category as firearms. A parent or guardian must remember that a crossbow is a deadly weapon that can cause fatal injuries. This is a fact that children should be taught so they are never reckless with one of these items.

Can a 150-lb Crossbow kill?

Yes, it can. The crossbows that are considered best for hunting are weapons that are in the 150-pound to 175-pound range. A 200-pound draw weight is occasionally used, but many states have a regulatory law inhibiting draw weights of greater than 200 pounds. Higher draw weights propel the arrows at a faster rate.

How to Unload a Crossbow without Shooting

Shooting is by far the best way to unload a crossbow. You should not shoot the bow without an arrow in it. This can damage the bow and it can injure you. One method of unloading is to have a practice arrow close by and shoot the practice arrow instead of your hunting arrow. You can also buy special arrows to use in this instance. There are manual cranks that will cock or de-cock the bow, and brute strength combined with a cocking rope is another method.

Final Word

A cross-bow is a fantastic hunting tool that can be used by young and old entry level shooter. You do not have to have a lot of brute strength to use these weapons, and they allow you to develop some specialized hunting skills. They challenge you to become a better hunter, and they provide a lot of enjoyment.

The best hunting crossbow for your child will depend on the age and size of the child, and the hunting style you plan to use the bow for. Do not buy a bow that is too heavy, or too powerful when you first begin. Train your child on smaller weapons and increase the power of their weapon as they increase their skills.

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