Best Arrow Rest Reviews 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

There are many different styles of arrow rests, and many different styles of bows, so when we were considering the best arrow rest we had to call in our expert archers. Our team of experts told us which rests they liked for different types of bow shooting.

The experts recommended that we get a group of non-expert archers to try several rests and see which ones they liked. We always follow the advice of our experts. The following rests were the 5 that the experts, and non-experts, found to be most useful, easy to use, and functional.

This list is in no particular order.

The 5 Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

1. HDX Arrow Rest

HDX Arrow Rest - best drop away arrow rest

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This arrow rest is made more versatile by the sleek curve of the capture bar. It also has all of the latest technology features such as, drop away, velocity drop, lock down, and advanced vibration. If any arrow rest can help you perform better with your bow this one can.

This rest is made from stainless steel so you never have to worry about rust or corrosion. The rest will be very durable and long lasting because stainless steel is a very reliable material with a long performance life.

The timing cord is very easy to adjust. You can even make these adjustments after the cord has been clamp attached to the buss cable.

This rest also provides you with full draw indicators that help you to launch every arrow from the best position from a full draw.

2. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest

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This arrow rest is beneficial to right hand shooters and left hand shooters. It also provides you with the quietest arrow loading due to the customized rubber boots. This rest is appropriate for archers of all skill levels, and for all different bow types.

The rest makes it possible to correct your shot because it has windage and elevation adjustments that are easy to use.

This rest is designed to make sure the arrow will stay on a perfect trajectory course during the arrow release. The arrow vanes move through the bristles of the rest in such a way that the consistency of your shots will be improved.

The rest is designed from a composite material that increases the strength of the device. The custom rubber boots ensure you that metal on metal contact will never be a problem.

3. QAD Ultra Rest HDX Mossy Oak Infinity

QAD Ultra Rest HDX Mossy Oak Infinity arrow rest

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This arrow rest gives you complete arrow containment. The capture bar is made more versatile by the sleek curves of the design.

This rest reduces noise by using dampeners fashioned from laser cut felt and cobber. The result is a silent arrow shooting from your bow so no game is warned of the approaching arrow.

The timing cord is very easy to adjust according to the situation and archer requirements. You can even adjust the cord after it is clamped, and you can use the cord lock to prevent cord length changes.

This rest will provide you with the ability to make shots flawlessly and with perfect consistency. You will improve the trajectory of the arrow, and the target hits you make.

4. QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest

QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest

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This arrow rest has both complete containment of the arrow and velocity draw technology to offer you. This rest even allows you a wider variety of arrow choices because it can shoot shorter arrows than most rests can. Your arrows will experience less wear and tear so they will last longer.

The rest has a cable clamp for the timing cord. You can easily make adjustments to your timing cord to shorten or lengthen it after you have engaged the clamp.

This rest uses the break-away safety feature. When you make your shot the flipper will fall away and your arrow trajectory will not be changed. You get the convenience of an arrow rest and do not have to worry about reducing your arrow accuracy.

5. TRUGLO Down Away Arrow Rest

TRUGLO Down Away Arrow Rest

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This full containment arrow rest will fit onto your bow whether you are left or right handed. You can watch the convenient video on the manufacturer site to learn how to adjust the rest.

The rest will give you true shots that are less likely to damage your arrows. You get a longer arrow life and truer trajectory that helps you hit the bulls-eye more often. You will see marked improvement in your groupings from the first use.

The rest is made of durable and lasting stainless steel. You have total control of the timing with an easy to use timing clamp.

The launcher arm works quickly to release your arrow on the path you have chosen.

What is the Best Arrow Rest?

To answer what is the best arrow rest you first have to consider the different types of arrow rests and their intended uses.

Full Capture Rests

These rests remain stationary throughout the shooting. The arrow is fully contained and it is virtually impossible for the arrow to slip out once you have inserted it.

These rests genuinely provide you with less noise when you make your shot.

Their biggest drawback is they can create friction while you are making your shot and that friction has the potential to reduce the arrow speed. This occurs more often when the bristles of the rest begin to be worn.

These are probably the cheapest rests. They are also the simplest rest and are easy to learn to use.

Drop Away Rests

The drop away rests falls downwards when you release your arrow. The timing of the fall allows the arrow to have an uninterrupted course of flight.

These rests can either be limb driven or they can be cable driven.

The limb driven rest is controlled by a cable or string. This string will be positioned from the housing of the rest to the top limb of the bow. When you draw back your bow the limb will be moved inward. This inward movement allows the arm of the rest to move up into shooting position. When you release the arrow the string moves the rest back down so it does not interfere with your shot.

Cable Driven rests operate on the same basic principle that governs the limb rest. The main difference is that the cable connection design requires the length and position of the rest be maintained to a precise measurement. When using a cable driven rest the cable moves through the draw cycle and pulls the rest into place as it goes through the cycle.

The Bow Style

The style of bow that you use will determine a lot about the rest that you choose. Not all rests can be attached to all bows.

Arrow Preferences

If you prefer shorter arrows then you will need to find a rest that accepts the length you prefer. Most rests will accommodate longer arrows, but many do not accommodate shorter ones.

Rest Materials

You do not want an extremely heavy rest because this will change the way you handle your bow, but you want a rest that is made of materials that are impervious to the weather. You do not want any rust, corrosion or malfunction caused by the rest you choose.

How to Choose the Best Arrow Rests

Once you have determined the style of rest that will benefit your style of shooting the most you have to choose the rest based on the features. Rests have different features, and while hunters may prefer one rest feature, an archery specialist that shoots mostly at targets might benefit more from other features.

Full arrow containment

This feature enables you to hunt on windy days or to move around with your bow ready without worrying about the arrow coming out of the rest.


This feature allows you to pre-cock the device so it is ready the second that you see the opportunity for the shot. This feature will provide you with 46% MORE VANE ACCURACY.

Ball Bearing Drives

This feature offers a smoother operation of the components.

Lock Cord Drive

This feature provides you with the ability to make adjustments or changes to the timing cord.

Double Down Brake

This feature reduces the bounce back you get from other rests. The accuracy with which you shoot will be increased by this feature.

You also choose the arrow rest according to the type of bow shooting you do

Archery and target practice will be made simpler when you use a prong style rest. The prong style is easily adjusted. The vertical alignment of these rests allows them to have the bare minimum in shaft contact.

Hunters prefer the full containment rests because the hunter is often moving and does not want the arrow to move out of the rest. Hunters also like the thumb-cock features because it allows the rest to prepare the arrow and shortens the amount of time it takes for them to get a shot off.

The arrows you use, the bow style you prefer, and the activity you engage in must all be considered when you are choosing a rest.

Best Arrow Rests for Hunting

Best Arrow Rests for Hunting

The best arrow rest for hunting are ones that have features that enhance hunting and enhance shot accuracy.


The amount of noise made by the arrow when it is released can determine whether the game you are hunting stays in position or moves just as you take your shot. Hunters need arrow rests that provide the quietest shots possible.


Thumb-cocks allow the hunter to set their arrow up to be shot in less time. The pre-cocking of the arrow shortens the amount of time it takes to let the arrow fly.

Full Containment Rests

The full containment rests are preferred by hunters because these rests hold the arrow in position even when the bow is pointed almost straight down. The arrow does not alter position when the bow is moved, and the hunter is free to move around and still be ready to take the shot at the best opportunity.

How to Set an Arrow Rest

The following steps will help you get your rest ready to go.

  1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and check the parts to make sure you have everything you are supposed to have.
  2. You will use the set screws to attach the rest to the riser of the bow
  3. Pull the string or cable to make the rest come up and into position. You can make adjustments to make sure the rest comes into the position that you want.
  4. Make the center shot adjustment. The manufacturer instructions will have a precise recommendation that should allow you to establish this position.
  5. Tie off the drop cord so that it cannot interfere with your shot
  6. Pull the bow back to make the rest move up and into position. If your tie off is not too tight then the cable will pass through the knot and allow you to create the best tie in location. When you allow the bow to return out of the full draw back position the knot should keep the rest in the best position.
  7. Trim off an excess timing cord so the excess does not interfere with your shot.
  8. Work the rest manually to see if it drops down as it should, and to see if it holds the arrow like it should.

How to tell if your arrow rest is straight?

Many archers will tell you they can eyeball their rest and determine if it is straight and ready. The other archers will tell you to try a test shot of an arrow to determine if you have the rest established in the best possible position.

How do drop away arrow rests work?

The drop away rest allows a small portion of the arrow to leave out on a shot and drops back into a non-use position so the rest does not interfere with the trajectory or speed of the arrow.

Do you need an arrow rest on a compound bow?

You do not have to have an arrow rest when you use a compound bow. An arrow rest can help you to shoot with greater accuracy and will put less wear and tear on your arrows as you shoot them.

Final Word

Arrow rests are accessories that can improve your shot accuracy. These devices can also improve the life of your arrow by putting less strain on the arrow. You do not have to have an arrow rest in order to make an accurate shot or a tight grouping of arrows. The rest simply makes the use of your bow easier to do, and provides you with more confidence.

The arrow rests are designed to reduce the amount of noise an arrow makes when it is shot. This feature provides hunters with a greater advantage. The arrow rest can also be pre-cocked so the hunter can make their shots quicker, and bring home more game.