Best Rangefinders for Bow Hunting in 2021- Reviews and Buying Guide

In order to provide the best of bow hunting products, our experts told us that range finder needed to be reviewed and covered in great detail. We listen to our experts when they suggest topics that need to be covered so we started them out with several range finders.

The next step in finding the best rangefinders for bow hunting involved asking people who had never before used a range finder to try out a few and tell us what they thought of them. The following five rangefinders were the top picks of our experts and our beginners.

Our Top 5 Top Bow Hunting Rangefinders

1. Halo Laser Range Finder With 6X Magnification

Halo Laser Range Finder With 6X Magnification

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This is a rangefinder that uses a laser to find a 450 yard range. The device has 6x magnification and an accuracy rating of +/- one yard. You will have the ability to zoom in on a target and determine exactly where you need to make your shot for the best results.

This particular rangefinder is perfect for bow hunters because it provides you with the ability to range in a number of targets, at varying yardages, using only one button. Using this device you can accurately determine exactly how far away your target is so you do not miscalculate your shot or trajectory. It will help you bring home more game and more trophies.

It is a lightweight device and the eye piece can be adjusted to help you get a better focus. You can customize the focus so you have the ability to clearly see the target you are shooting at. 

2. Wosports Hunting Range Finder

Wosports Hunting Range Finder

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This is an amazing rangefinder that can be used by hunters and golf players alike. The device has a distance measure feature, a flag-lock feature, and more.

Golfers can use the range finder to predict the yardage of their next shot. They can use a range between 5 and 650 yards. It has flag lock technology built in so it can disregard any background distractions and lock you in on your target within 150 yards.

This is a weather proof device that will not be affected by rain, snow, moisture, or winds. It has a scan mode that allows you to look for the target you want, and then zone in on that target for an accurate yardage between you and the target.

This device removes the guess work on how long a shot is and helps to improve your chances of bringing home the trophy buck, or making that hole in one.

3. Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

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This is an easy to use device that can detect a range of up to 1,500 yards. Even with a distance that great the finder gives you a clean and crisp view of the target you are scoping. It illuminates the display and allows you to have the best view possible.

The device has an HCD mode that will display the perfect angle for your shot. The majority of hunters will be able to use this angle trajectory to get the perfect shot. The device also has an advances LOS mode that is useful in calculating the long distance shots and shots that have higher than average angle requirements.

This device has a scan feature that is useful in tracking moving targets. There are three brightness levels to choose from so you can keep a focus on the target no matter what the current lighting conditions are.

4. AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder HX-700N 700 Yards

AOFAR Hunting Archery Range Finder

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This rangefinder is efficient and accurate up to 700 yards. It has 6 x magnifications to help you determine the exact angle of your shot so you get the most accurate shots off. It is accurate to within one yard and can be used by both hunters and golf players.

The device has a fog mode that allows you to clearly see your shot in foggy or inclement weather conditions. It has a wide range mode or a continuous scan mode that will help you locate a moving target and pinpoint your best possible shot.

This is a light piece of equipment that is durable and weather resistant. It can be used in dusty areas, windy areas, in the rain, the fog, the sleet and the snow. It comes with a carry pouch, a cleaning cloth, a CR2 battery, a rope, and an easy to follow user guide.

5. Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC Laser Rangefinder

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If accuracy matters then you want this Bushnell rangefinder in your arsenal. It is accurate within half of a yard, and gives precise calculations to within a tenth of a yard. There is a diopter adjustment that will insure that you have a crystal clear view of the target you are aiming at.

This rangefinder has a range of 5 to 1000 yards. It can be set for use to find the bull’s eye, or in the brush, or to scan for a moving object. It will provide a true to life horizontal distance as far away as 99 yards to help you achieve the perfect bow shot. It can also help rifle hunters by providing the bullet drop and holdover calculations they need.

This is a completely waterproof device that is impervious to rain, sleet or snow. It comes with a neck strap and carrying case, and your first battery is included.

How Does a Hunting Rangefinder Work? 

A rangefinder is supposed to help you find the distance of the shot you have to make so you can hit the target more times.

  1. You depress a button on the finder and it will emit a laser beam that will bounce off of the target you are aiming for. 
  2. An internal clock will calculate the distance from where you are to the target you are shooting at. These devices are usually accurate within one yard, give or take a yard.
  3. The device will display the range in yards or meters on an internal LCD display screen. Your calculation range will usually be visible within a second.

Rangefinders include magnification so you get a better view of the target. The normal amount of magnification changes from 4x to 8x, dependent on the finder that you buy. Sometimes the amount of magnification that you have will become less at the longer distances.

You can think of a range finder as a powerful scope that magnifies your image, and also discerns the distance your target is from you. This allows you to decide when to shoot and what angle you will need to use in order to have the most accurate shot.

How to Choose the Right Hunting Rangefinder 

Every range finder has different features that alter the way they work. You have to understand the features of this equipment so you can determine which ones are going to be most beneficial to you. Then you will be ready to compare these items and choose one for yourself.


Rangefinders are capable of calculating different distances. Some of the devices will be accurate for about 700 yards or less, and some of them will have a range that is accurate at 1000 to 1500 yards. You might think that the long range is always the best.

You have to consider the terrain where you hunt. If the area you hunt in has thick underbrush or is a thickly wooded area there is a good chance that you will not be able to use a long range finder even if you purchase one.

Select the yard range according to where you hunt, the length of shots you can accurately make, and whether the device is true at the long distances.

Often the range finder will be capable of a long range but the farther out the beam has to go the less accurate it will become. It does not help you if you have a range of 1000 yards but the accuracy of the range is so low that you still only have a 50% or less chance of making an accurate shot.


The magnification feature zooms in on an item you are targeting so you can see it better. Magnification can vary between 4x to 8x on different range finders. The amount of magnification is important in helping you to see your target and the path to your target clearly.

Magnification of the target can help you to decide if the target is worth the shot. It can also help you to determine any obstacles that your naked eye cannot focus on.

Rangefinder lenses

There are different lenses commonly used in rangefinders. These lenses are treated with special substances to help maximize the light so you have a clearer image of the target. Your range finders will list the amount of coating they have in the following ways.


A coated lens is one that has one layer of the special coating applies to at least one surface of the lens.

Fully coated

This means that one layer of the substance was applied to all of the glass layers that make up the lens.

Multi coated

This means that more than one layer of substance was applied to at least one surface of the lens.

Fully multi coated

Fully Multi-coated means that several layers of the substance were applied to all of the glass surfaces of the lens.

Having multiple coating on the lens increases the brightness, the sharpness, and the clarity. Multiple coatings also increase the price of the devices.

Weather resistance

When you hunt you are more than likely going to be exposed to morning-dew, and fog, rain, sleet, snow, or some kind of moisture. Your range finder is going to need to be able to handle those moistures without their accuracy being affected.

You will be outdoors so you will commonly be accosted by dust particles, dusty roads, and wind that carry these particles through the air. Your equipment needs to be impervious to the dust so it remains accurate.

Do you need a range finder when bow hunting?

You do not have to have a range finder in order to bow hunt, but, having a range finder will increase the accuracy of your shots and help you to bring home a larger amount of game. The range finder will take away the guess work of how far away your gam is so you can shoot your arrow at the best angle and the best distance.

Is a 1000 yard rangefinder good for bow hunting?

1000 yard range finder is good for bow hunting, but, only if you are hunting in an area where there is a likely chance that you will have 1000 yards of unobstructed area between you and the game you are hunting. Choose the yardage of your rangefinder according to the density of the area where you will hunt.

Can you use a golf rangefinder for hunting?

You could use a golf range finder for hunting. The difference is that a gold range finder is going to have less magnification, fewer coatings on the lends to control brightness, and usually a shorter distance range.

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Final Word

Using a range finder when you are hunting will help you to make more accurate shots. You will bring home more game because you will know exactly how far your arrow must travel so you can plan your trajectory for the perfect drop and hit the bills eye. These devices are excellent tools that help hunters avoid mistake shots, or shots that do not provide a clean and merciful kill.

A range finder is a tool that makes you more accurate and allows you to get a better view of your target so you can decide if you want to shoot or not.