Best Youth Compound Bows For Hunting

A youth compound bow is a good choice for instilling the love of archery in a child. Youth Compound bows are easy to operate and they are fun to use. In order to make your child love archery, you have to get them the right entry level bow so they can quickly master the basic shooting skills.

The best right bow and arrow can give a 13 year old child confidence, and once they have fell in love with the sport, they can learn to use tougher weapons, or increase their efficiency. To begin with simply buy them equipment they can have fun using.

4 Best Youth Compound Bow in 2021

1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro


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The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro is a complete package. This is an excellent beginner bow because it has an adjustable draw length that ranges from 13 inches to 31 inches. As your child grows you can adjust the draw length to fit their new arm lengths. This allows them to get more use out of the equipment.

The draw weight of this bow can be adjusted from 5 pounds to 70 pounds. That means that the bow is excellent for the young child who is learning how to shoot, and it is excellent for the child that has grown enough to go on their first hunting expedition with a bow and arrow. It only takes 40-pounds of draw weight to kill a white tail deer, and 50-pounds of draw weight will kill a moose or bear.

There is an integral stabilizer on the bow that helps provide the proper balance so the child can get a steadier shot off. It can propel an arrow at a speed of 310 feet per second. The cam is designed to make the draw-back smooth and effortless.

2. Genesis Original Bow


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This is the official bow recommended by the National Archery in Schools Association. It is the perfect starter bow for any child or adult. Boys and girls can both successfully learn and master this equipment.

This bow does not have a specific draw length requirement so it is perfect for all children of all sizes. They do not quickly outgrow their equipment when they are using this bow.

The bow comes complete with a machined aluminum riser, an aluminum cam and idler wheel, composite limbs that are sturdy and durable, and high-quality bow strings. All of the components of this bow are manufactured in the USA.

This bow provides a smooth shooting experience and less recoil than most of the competitors. It is very quiet and shoots with a greater amount of accuracy than the normal bow does. It has no tuning issues and is equipped with single-cam technology that is easy for the child to master.

3. CenterPoint Archery ABY1721 Elkhorn


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This is an incredible beginning bow. It is thirty-three inches long from one tip to the other tip. That gives it an axel length of 33 inches with an 8-inch brace height. The draw length of this unit is twenty-six inches.

The draw weight of this bow is perfect for youth hunters. It has a draw weight of 15-pounds. Most 8 to 13-year old children can handle a 15-pound draw weight easily.

It can be used to help the child develop the best archery skills and learn how to aim and shoot smoothly.

The limbs of this bow are heavy-duty composite that are durable and yet light for the child to carry. It comes with everything the child needs to learn the fundamentals of archery.

4. PSE Youth Heritage Compound Bow Set


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PSE youth heritage is a complete compound bow set for beginners. This is a junior compound bow so it is great to help your child develop skills, abilities, and learn the fundamentals associated with archery.

The draw weight is established between 8 and 26 pounds so you can increase the draw weight as your child increases in strength and agility. The draw length adjusts from 16 ½ to 26 inches so you can lengthen the draw length as your child grows. That means they get more use from the bow than they would from a fixed weight and length piece of equipment.

The set includes the quiver, arrows, finger rollers, pin sight, arrow rest and arm guard that the child needs to begin their journey into archery. You get everything in one package and do not have to shop for the accessories the child will need.

It is made for beginners so it is designed in a way that smaller hands can hold it without strain. It is designed for the right hand shooter.

Buying Guide Tips For Top Youth Bow

When you start to choose a compound bow for your child you only have to consider a few factors to make the right selection. The draw weight and the draw length of the bow are the two most important things to consider. The rest of the details are just icing on the cake.

To choose the best bow for your child start with the basics, and keep it simple. You are giving the child an opportunity to try something new that is both difficult and exhilarating. You need to make this first equipment easy to use so the child does not become frustrated when they try and cannot master the equipment.

Draw Weight

The draw weight is determined by the amount of force it will take to pull the bow string back to shooting position. A higher draw weight allows the arrow that is shot to fly faster and allows you to make kill shots on different size animals.

The higher draw weight shoots the arrow with a flatter trajectory. This makes the arrow penetrate into whatever it hits deeper.

The common draw weight range for a child between the ages of 8 and 13 is a 14 to 24 pound. This is simply an average measurement. Consider it to be the place to begin. Some 8-year old kids are capable of pulling back a greater draw weight than some 12-year old children. It depends on the size of the child and the amount of upper body strength that they have.

You should take your child with you to select a bow so they can try the different draw weights and find one that is better suited to their abilities. The first bow you buy should probably be an inexpensive model that the child can learn on. Once your child begins to shoot you may want to consider more expensive models.

Another great option to consider is the adjustable draw weight bows. These bows will cost you a little more but, they will be used longer because as your child progresses in strength and stamina the bow can progress also. You do not have to keep buying new bows because the child has outgrown their old one.

Bow Weight

You want to make sure that the bow you get for your young person to shoot is not too heavy or too large. If the bow you start them out shooting is too heavy or larger then they will not be able to make more than three or four shots before their arms become tired and they become discouraged.

It is better to buy them a bow that is slightly lighter than they need when they are first beginning. The lighter bow will allow them to practice longer and the more they practice the better their aim will be. If you want to give them a love for archery then make it possible for them to succeed quickly.

Basic Draw Weight Guidelines

  • 6 to 8-year old children can shoot a 10 to 13-pound draw weight
  • Nine to thirteen-year-old children can shoot a 14 to 24-pound draw weight
  • A child that is 14 or older may be able to shoot a draw weight of 25 pounds or greater


It is always better to buy a bow that has a slightly lower draw weight than it is to buy one that is too hard for the child to pull the bow back. You must give them the love of the sport before you challenge their abilities too much.

Draw Length

The length of your arm will determine the length of the bow that you need to have. An easy way to determine the exact draw length that your child, or you, need is to measure from the tip of one middle finger to the tip of the other.

Do this by having the child stretch their arms out on each side of their body, with their palms facing inward. Then take a soft tape measure like tailors use and measure from the tip of their middle finger to the tip of their other middle finger.

When you have this number divide it by 2.5 to determine the exact draw length the child should have.

You can also make this measurement using the standard folding carpenters’ ruler.

Have the child hold the ruler between their hands with one end of the ruler resting on their chest. They should extend their arms straight out in front of their body with their hands together keeping the ruler straight. You look at the number that is at the end of their middle fingers to determine the draw length.

Measure the draw length of your child every year. They grow quickly and their draw length will change rapidly. Sometimes a child’s arms will increase in length even though they have not gained any height. Just make measurement for draw length a part of your yearly routines before bow season begins.

Arrow Length

The average draw length for a child that is 13 is about 26 inches. Most of the time an arrow that measures between 28” and 30” will be perfect for children of this age. It is okay if the arrow is slightly longer than the draw length the child is capable of. It is NEVER okay if the arrow is shorter than the draw length the child is capable of.

To choose the right compound bow make sure that it can shoot arrows that are slightly longer than the draw length of your child. Remember that the right arrow makes a bigger difference in the shooting ability than the right bow does.

Hunting Considerations

You want to start your youth out target practicing when they are young. They need to develop skill and agility with a bow and arrow before they can hunt and make a kill shot.

You also need to remember that it takes a draw weight of no less than 40-pounds to bring down a white-tail deer. Your child will not be able to handle this draw weight when they begin to practice with their bow and arrow. Once they reach a 30-pound draw weight you can take them rabbit hunting, but remember that rabbits move quickly so the child must be able to aim and release the arrow in a quick manner if they are going to succeed at hunting.

Another great way to train a child as a hunter is to buy a 3D target of the wildlife they will be hunting. They can practice on the 3D target and learn to shoot the arrow at different angles so they can make a clean kill shot that will bring the animal down with minimal pain and suffering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bow for a 13-year-old?

Generally speaking, a compound bow makes an excellent choice for children between the ages of eight and thirteen. Some children are larger and more muscular than other children and those children may do just as well with a recurve bow as they do with a compound bow. For the most part the compound bow requires less brute force to pull it back and can be shot repeatedly without tiring the child out.

What is a good draw weight for a 13-year-old?

For the average size 13-year old child, boy or girl, a 14 to 24-pound draw weight is normally recommended. The draw weight that your child is capable of handling will be partially determined by the size and strength of your child. Some children are mush taller and have more upper body strength than other children of the same age. You should allow your child to try a bow with a higher draw weight before you decide which one, they are capable of shooting.

How much draw weight does it take to kill a deer?

If you are hunting for white-tail deer than you only need 40 pounds of kinetic energy to make the kill shot. So, a 40-pound draw weight is ample strong to make a kill shot on these deer. If you are hunting for moose, elk or larger game animals you will need no less than 50 pounds of kinetic energy to make the kill. A heavier draw weight, at least a 50-pound draw weight, will be needed to take down larger game animals.

Final Word

Archery is an excellent sport for children. It does not matter if you simply want to allow your child to target shoot or if they will be hunting game, a bow and arrow requires them to learn patience, develop skills, and challenge themselves.

Starting your youth out with a compound bow allows them to develop a love of archery, and a desire to best their own skills. It gives them confidence, and a sense of accomplishment that they cannot get from indoor activities like computer games.

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