Fastest Crossbows in 2021(Up to 470 FPS)

Crossbows are by design fast and powerful weapons that archery enthusiasts enjoy hunting with. Of course, when something is labeled as being fast someone always wants to know which variety is considered to be the fastest. The fastest crossbow discussion arose during a recent panel discussion concerning crossbow speeds.

We decided the only way to determine the fastest crossbow was to compare several of these powerful weapons. We asked archery professionals and instructors to help us with these reviews. The following weapons are the ones that these experts agreed were fast enough to be among the bows with the top speeds.

Top 8 Fastest Crossbows Review

1. Scorpyd Aculeus 460 FPS- Fastest Crossbow On The Market

Scorpyd Aculeus

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The Scorpyd aculeus(460FPS) is one of the fastest crossbows on the market. This crossbow offers one of the highest feet per second speeds that are available. When you increase the speed that the arrow travels to greater than 400 feet per second be prepared for the arrow to have increased penetration. When you are target practicing with this device you need to increase the depth of your target so the arrow does not simply pass through it and strike something behind it. You can also move farther from your target because the high speed of this arrow will make it more capable at longer distances.

When you are using this bow for a hunting weapon you are going to notice that when you switch the safety off it is a little noisier than you will like. Practice can help you to release the safety smoothly with less noise.

2. Ravin R20 430 FPS Crossbow Package- A Little Bit Expensive Crossbow


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Power, speed, compact size, and easy to use. That is possibly everything you could want from a crossbow, or from any bow and arrow. Ravin R20 weapon is designed to be narrower and not as long so you can easily use it in your stand and have ample room to aim and fire.

Ravin R20 Crossbow Package is very easy to use and even beginner’s who have zero experience with a crossbow will find the weapon comfortable to shoot and easy to master. You want a bow that you can be proficient with and this is the one.

You may find that this item is slightly more expensive than some other crossbows, but it is a well-designed bow made from high-grade materials, that will quickly prove to you that it is worth every penny you spend on it.

3. Barnett Predator 430 FPS Crossbow- Best Crossbow For Target Shooting


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The Barnett Predator crossbow is able to increase your proficiency by at least 50%. It has a powerful scope that is accurate and allows the arrow to shoot perfectly to hit the target more.

The weapon is very easy to assemble and just as easy to use. You can go to a practice session or target competition and shoot this item fifty or more times and have no ill effects or pains afterwards.

Everyone that shoots this bow agrees that their shots were more accurate using this weapon than they are when they use other weapons of a similar design. It cocks easily, and has plenty of safety features to eliminate dry-firing complications.

4. TenPoint Stealth NXT 410 FPS Crossbow Package


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The compact size of the TenPoint Stealth NXT crossbow may give you the impression that it is less powerful or capable of accurate and fast performance. Do not be fooled by the 6”-wide little power house. It has the perfect combination of width, speed and accuracy and allows you to hunt in tree stands and in dense forest locations without any troubles.

The instant detach quiver assures that the quiver is never in the way and it does not add to vibrations or noise level when the item is shot.

This crossbow is light to carry, easy to aim, and accurate. It is great for beginners and experts alike.

5. Barnett Whitetail Pro STR 400 FPS Crossbow


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Easy to use, powerful, and accommodating. Barnett Whitetail Pro STR crossbow is everything you want and need especially if you hunt game animals like white tail deer. The power of the arrow is amplified by the speed it is delivered at so you are more likely to make clean kills with just one shot.

The Barnett Whitetail Pro STR 400 fps crossbow bow has a side quiver that allows you to have your spare bolts on hand and ready to use in case you get a shot at a second animal, or if you are target practicing and need to do a rapid fire.

This item is a better device for stronger archers because it is slightly more difficult to cock than some other bows with similar designs.

6. TenPoint Vapor RS470 Hunting Crossbow- Best For Accuracy


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The accuracy that you will have when you shoot this bow compared to the weapons you have been shooting previously will be at least 50% greater. You will hit the target more often and if you are hunting you can be assured that just one shot is going to be forceful enough to bring the animal down in a humane and less painful manner.

This bow has a string life that is far longer than the string life of most contemporary bows. You will restring less often and enjoy greater accuracy. You will also enjoy the cocking device because it is silent when you use it. It also allows you to de-cock if you do not get to take the shot you want.

7. Ravin R29X Sniper 450 FPS Crossbow

Ravin-R29X-Sniper-450-FPS- Crossbow

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Small size but large power. The Ravin R29X sniper 450 fps crossbow is lightweight, compact and arrives fully assembled and pre-tuned so you are ready to put it to use as soon as it arrives. Do not let the small size fool you. This is a mighty little weapon that shoots arrows faster than bows that are larger. It is powerful and will allow single shot kills and perfect target penetration.

You will have no trouble using this weapon in a tree stand or a small blind. It is short enough and narrow enough to allow you to maneuver around without bumping into things or making any noise.

8. Excalibur Bulldog 440 FPS Crossbow


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This 440 fps crossbow is a handsome weapon that looks amazing and has the ability to shoot fast, shoot accurately, and perfectly balanced. Excalibur Bulldog 440 fps is a great crossbow for first time bow hunters because it is accurate, it has fewer vibrations after the shot, and it is less noisy than some other similar weapons.

It has the speed to send an arrow deep into the target so you can also make a shot from a farther distance.

This bow is relatively long compared to some crossbows. The added length makes it more difficult to cock using a rope, but it also adds to the weight of the bow which reduces vibration and sound.

Best and Fastest Crossbow Award

The best and fastest crossbow award goes to the TenPoint Vapor with a speed of 470 feet per second. Coming in second in this category of speed is the Scorpyd Aculeus at a speed of 460 feet per second. Third place is awarded to the Ravin R29X Sniper Crossbow with a speed of 450 feet per second.

Pros of Fastest Crossbow

The pros or benefits of having a faster crossbow include:

  • The speed of the arrow increases the power the arrow has when it strikes the target.
  • The arrow will penetrate deeper into the target and provide you with more one-shot kills
  • The drop rate of your arrow will be lessened and that means your accuracy will improve
  • The arrows that you shoot will be able to travel farther so you can be farther from the game and have a better chance of the game animal never realizing you are in the woods with them
  • Aiming is simplified because the accuracy of the shot is greatly improved

Cons of Fastest Crossbow

There are also drawbacks to having a crossbow with a greater speed. Some of these drawbacks include:

  • More noise. These powerful weapons are often noisier than the less powerful ones are. This can make a big difference in game animals being warned and causing you to miss the shot.
  • The bows tend to be more fragile and less durable than the ones that have slower speeds.
  • Finding accessories that fit the higher speed crossbows perfectly is more difficult. These are specialized weapons and the accessories that go with them have to be altered to fit the specialized weapons without interfering with their speed and accuracy.
  • Normally people have a harder time learning to use these weapons. They also require more practice before an archer can say they have master using the bow.
  • They are not really a good weapon choice for people who have never shot a crossbow before.

How to Choose the Fastest Crossbow

If you want to buy a faster crossbow there are a few things you should consider when you are shopping. By knowing the common pros and cons of the features on these weapons you will be able to compare the items features to the features that will be most beneficial in your shooting or hunting style.


The first consideration should be whether the weapon will be used primarily for target shooting or for hunting. A weapon that is being used for hunting needs to have enough power to bring down the common game species that you hunt for. You should not consider a hunting bow that has less than a 75-lb draw weight.

Kinetic Energy

While the higher speed ratings of a bow are impressive, they do not always guarantee you that you are getting the weapon with the power you need. The power of a bow is not measured in the feet per second that the arrow will fly but in the foot-pounds of kinetic energy it has.

The kinetic energy will determine whether the arrow can penetrate the hide of an animal in a clean and proficient manner to provide you with a human kill.

The top-rated bows have kinetic energy equaling between 180 and 200 FKPE. You primarily want to make certain that the bow you select has a 100 FKPE rating. At 100 FKPE the arrow has enough force and power to make a deep penetration and clean kill.


The size and weight of the bow will make a difference in the amount of noise the bow makes when it is shot, and how comfortable you will be carrying it around all day.

Most experts prefer a bow that has a width between 8 and 10-inches when cocked. Most bows with that width will weigh around 6-lbs.


Make sure the bow is as quiet as possible if you will be using it to hunt. Noise dampers on the string can help to quieten the sound of the shot.

Frequently asked questions

How Fast Can a Crossbow Be Reloaded?

Once you have mastered the use of the bow you should be able to reload within a matter of about 7 seconds. Some bows are more complicated in design and those bows will likely take longer to load, but the more complicated bows are also sometimes the most powerful and the fastest shooting bows.

How Fast Does a Crossbow Shoot in MPH?

The formula to determine the speed an arrow shoots in miles per hour is; one foot per second is equal to 0.6818 miles per hour. If your arrow shoots 400 feet per second then it would be 272.72 miles per hour.

What’s a Good FPS for a Crossbow?

300 feet per second is an ideal crossbow speed. At this speed it is not the fastest crossbow so it remains a little simpler to master. It is powerful enough to be used in most hunting including turkey, white tail deer, and other large game. It also is a speed that allows for more accuracy during shots.

Final Word

The faster that an arrow travels the farther that arrow can travel. Faster arrows have less drop as they fly. Faster arrows penetrate the target deeper and can make a kill in one shot because they go deep enough into the animal to cease life.

Having the fastest crossbow is not as important as having the bow that you are comfortable carrying, that is accurate, safe, and easy to use. Most really fast weapons are designed for use by experienced archers and not so great for beginners to learn with.

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