Best Survival Bow in 2021 – Top 5 Reviews

A large number of our readers have written asking us what a survival bow is, and whether we recommend them as target bows or hunting bows. The survival bow is actually a modern version of a compact longbow. They are great for hunting and target practice.

We asked our expert marksmen to recommend their choices for the best survival bow. The following bows were chosen because they are portable, affordable, versatile, and capable of being used for multiple purposes.

Top 5 Best Best Survival Bow

1. SAS Tactical Survival Bow

SAS Tactical Survival Bow

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This is a modern longbow with a maximum draw length of 31 inches. The entire bow is 60 inches when strung, and folds to a 21 inch device for travel and storage.

This weapon is capable of shooting arrows up to 200 feet per second when using the 50 pound version and the 55 pound bow shoots arrows up to a speed of 210 feet per second.

The entire bow weighs only 2.2 pounds when it is strung. It is very light and easy to carry. The light bow also lets you practice shooting without getting tired from the weight of the bow.

It comes with a carry case, a backpack and quiver, 16 strand B50 Dacron string that is 60” and a Fred Bear all weather arrow rest, a brass nock set, 2 riser end caps, and a Velcro strap.

2. Tongtu Portable Archery Survival Bow

Tongtu Portable Archery Survival Bow

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This bow is a collapsible straight bow. At its full length the device measures 59” and once folded it is only 23 inches. It is easy to transport and lightweight.

The bow is made from an aluminum alloy and resin fiber combination that offers great strength and durability. These materials also make the bow corrosion resistant.

You have a choice of a 40 lb., 50 lb., or 60 lb. bow according to your personal preferences, size, and abilities. It has a pull distance of 28 inches and a Kevlar bow string. It is perfect for target practice, or shooting sporting game or fish.

3. Spectre II Take-Down Survival Bow

Spectre II Take-Down Survival Bow

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This is a bow and arrow set. You get to choose from four draw weights when selecting the bow. They are available in 25 lb., 35 lb., 45 lb., and 55 lb. options.

This bow set weighs 2 pounds and is very easy to carry and use. When folded this bow is a mere 23 inches in length.

The bow will come with 3 arrows that are 30 inches. The arrows are Gold Tip Warriors with a 500 spine and 100 grain field tips. It is ideal for target shooting and for hunting purposes.

4. Xpectre, Inc. Rapture

Xpectre, Inc. Rapture

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This bow has an aluminum skeletal design. The aluminum makes it light weight and corrosion resistant. The aluminum also makes the bow durable and versatile. The limbs of the bow are crafted from Supersil poly-resin and the risers are black anodized with sure grip sides.

This innovative piece of equipment can be used as a left handed bow or a right handed bow. You have the choice of setting it at either a 40 pound draw weight or a 50 pound draw weight using the same limbs and strings just placing them in different configurations.

5. SAS Recon Folding Survival Bow

SAS Recon Folding Survival Bow

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This survival bow is made in the US. The manufacturer has kept the quantity of these bows limited. They are designed for durability and service.

The bow is 24.3” and does not need assembly so it is easier and quicker for you to deploy. It comes with a carry bag, adjustable straps, and weighs a mere 2.4 pounds

It has a changeable draw weight of 45, 50 and 55 pounds. It has a maximum draw length of 28 inches. The 50 pound draw weight has an arrow speed of up to 200 feet per second and the 55 pound draw weight has an arrow speed of up to 210 feet per second.

Things to consider Before Choosing the Best Survival Bow

Before you buy a survival bow you should learn a few of the terms that will be used in the bow descriptions, and learn how those terms apply to your style of bow usage. The following items should be considered when you are comparing bows.

Never rush into a purchase, but always take the time to consider the benefits that each bow has to offer, and consider the cons of the bow as well. Finding the perfect bow may take a little time, but you will be glad you were picky when you finally find the perfect one.

Bow Size or Length

When you are selecting a bow you will find that they come in a wide variety of lengths. The right length is determined in a large part by the draw length you are comfortable shooting at. A good rule of measure when choosing a bow length is; pick a bow with a length that is twice what your draw length is.

Draw Length

The draw length that is perfect for one shooter will not be accurate for another. The ideal draw length is often discussed and people give you calculations of draw length based on your height and other body facts. The true test of the perfect draw length is the length that you can shoot the most accurately and the most comfortably.

Throughout your bow shooting career you will try several different draw lengths. When you find the one that feels right for you, and that allows you to be accurate a higher amount of the time then you have found your ideal length.

Draw Weight

The draw weight is a critical component of the bow to consider. You want to get a bow that has no less than a 40 pound draw weight if you are going to be using the bow for hunting purposes.

Bow Weight

The weight of the bow makes a difference in how the bow shoots and delivers the arrow. A light bow is excellent for beginning marksmen because you can practice for longer amounts of time without becoming tired. If you are a beginner choosing a bow that weighs no more than three pounds is recommended.

Bows with more weight shoots flatter and often more accurately than the lighter bow, and the heavier bows are preferred by experienced hunters and marksmen.

Durability & Corrosion Resistance

The materials the bow is crafted from will determine the durability and the corrosion resistance the bow has. You want a bow that will last for a long time, and you want one that can be used in inclement weather without being damaged.

Left or Right Handedness

The ability to shoot the bow easily will be determined by whether it is a left or right handed weapon and what your dominant shooting hand is. It is important to get a left handed bow if you are a left handed shooter so you will be able to easily use the item.

Your dominant eye will help you to select whether you should shoot with a left handed or right handed bow.

Brace Height

The brace height on the bow will make a differe4nce in the speed the arrow can be shot at and the forgiveness the bow has. The common brace distance is 7 inches, but on some recurve bows that brace height may be extended to nine inches.

The brace height is the distance between the deepest part of your bow riser and your string when your string is not drawn.

Arrows and Arrow Storage

The arrows that the bow is capable of shooting are of great importance. You want to determine the arrows you will use by the type of bow shooting you plan to do.

Takedown Recurve vs Survival Bow

A survival bow is a small bow that is collapsible. The survival bow is essentially a longbow. They can normally shoot at a range of up to 30 yards without losing accuracy. That distance is sufficient for hunting purposes and for survival.

The takedown recurve bow is often called a survival bow because they are often collapsible. The takedown recurve bow is quite a bit more powerful than the typical survival bow. These bows are better suited to hunting large or heavy game, and for experienced marksmen.

Compact Vs. Recurve Survival Bows

When it comes to packing a bow in a pack, or traveling with a bow the compact modern longbows are simply the best choice. These bows can be less than twenty one inches long and they are light and easy to carry. Recurve bows are powerful and easy to use but they weigh more and they are much harder to carry because they are bulkier and take up more space.

Both of these bows can be used for target practice or for hunting and survival tactics. The main consideration will be how often you travel on foot carrying the device with you.

FAQ about Survival Bow

Will a 45 lb. bow kill a deer?

A 45 lb. bow does have the power to kill a deer. A bow of this size does have the strength to push the arrow deep enough for a kill even when it meets resistance of heavy muscle or bone. Lighter bows can make a kill shot on a deer but thick muscle masses and bone can deflect them and result in an injury rather than a clean kill.

Is a bow a good survival weapon?

A bow is a good survival weapon. Bows are quiet, they are easy to handle and the arrows can often be used more than once. Survival bows and take-down bows are ideal weapons because they are small in size and lightweight. They are easier to purchase than guns and less likely to be stolen.

What is the fastest elite bow?

The Elite Archery Impulse 34 is one of the fastest elite bows. It is a compound bow that can reach speeds of 340 feet per seconds. It is a powerful weapon that will provide you with excellent shots whether you are hunting game or target shooting.

Final Notes

A survival bow is an excellent weapon that can be used to provide food for your table or protect you in cases of emergency. Their small size and light weight make them easy to carry with you, and makes them great for beginners and experienced marksmen alike.

Choosing the right survival bow can make the difference between having a weapon that you can shoot accurately and having a weapon you can simply shoot. Consider all of the features of the bow and apply them to your needs before you make your final choice.

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  1. Did you know that the Tongtu is a Chinese rip-off of the patented Primal Gear bow? You are probably not aware of this but your recommendation not only markets illegal copies of a patented product but it also takes away from a US based company and affects US jobs. Counterfeit and copies by Chinese companies are one of the reasons the US manufacturing market struggles. I urge you to remove this product from your list. Rather have a look at the Atmos Compact Modern Longbow that’s available on Amazon.


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