Best Recurve Crossbow For The Money In 2021

The recurve crossbow is a specialized piece of equipment used by archery enthusiasts to hunt and for target shooting activities. We love archery and everything that makes this hobby/sport challenging, fun, and rewarding.

We asked a group of archery enthusiasts to try several recurve crossbows and give us their opinions on which ones were the best. We also asked several novice bow shooters to try some of these items and tell us what they liked or did not like about them.

We took all of that information and formulated a list of recurve bows that we felt comfortable recommending to our readers as the best of the lot.

Top 6 Best Cheap Recurve Crossbows In 2021

1. CenterPoint Sniper 370- Best Recurve Crossbow under $500


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The CenterPoint Sniper provides you with enough power and speed to take down large game animals. It has a 370 feet per second firing velocity so the arrow you should will strike the target with enough force to make a clean penetration kill even if your shooting at a bear, or a moose.

New archers should know that this item comes with a cocking device and wax for your bowstrings so you do not need to buy an extra of these items.

Weight is a key factor in archery hunting because you may have to balance the bow for a long period of time prior to getting to take the perfect shot. This bow is slightly heavier than some other bows, but the heavier weight reduces vibration and noise when the shot is made.

2. Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow Kit


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Accuracy, safety, and durability are three of the benefits you will get from this bow. You also get strength and power enough to take down large game with a single shot. The arrows fly from this weapon at 245 feet per second and make a clean work of the kill.

To make certain that your arrow hits the target exactly where you need it to the manufacturer has included a 30 mm red dot scope. The biggest reason why you make mis-calculated shots is low lighting situations. This scope has 7 brightness adjustments so the low lighting is not a big deal while you are hunting.

This bow is perfect for beginning hunters and for experienced archery marksmen. It is quiet, easy to use, and light enough to be carried by anyone no matter what size and gender they may be.

3. CenterPoint Sniper 370- Best Recurve Crossbow For Deer Hunting


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Without a doubt this crossbow package will have you ready to head to the woods as soon as it arrives. The bow is quiet and does not have a lot of unnecessary vibration after the shot. Your arrow trajectory is improved and the accuracy of your shots are much greater.

This bow and arrow combination is designed to be held against your shoulder like you would hold a rifle for a shot. It is lightweight and made of an aluminum composite so you can carry it without getting tired, and hold your ready to shoot position until the exact moment when the game presents itself perfectly.

The CenterPoint sniper 370 weapon can be used for large game hunting. It can also be used by a shooter that shoots left-handed or one that shoots right-handed. It is a versatile piece of equipment that provides safety and an anti-dry fire trigger for fewer accidental shots.

4. Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package- Best Recurve Crossbow For The Money


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A smooth 3.5-pound trigger pull allows you to shoot the arrow with ease. A 315 feet per second arrow flight allows your arrow to make penetration through even the toughest hide of the biggest game animals. An easy to use red dot site allows you to make sure your arrow is targeted to the exact location that will allow for a one-shot kill.

The easy to reach quiver assures you that you always have enough arrows to make at least three shots. The quiver is designed to accommodate the 20-inch arrows that are perfect for shooting with this bow set-up.

The Barnett Jackal crossbow is great for hunting and can be used by new hunters or experienced shooters. It is lightweight and quiet so it will not give your position away when you let the arrow fly.

5. Viking Crossbows FX1 Recurve Crossbow Package with Rifle Stock


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Versatility and adjustability are both offered through this weapon. It is powerful enough to take down large game animals with 240 feet per second arrow flight and a 175-pound draw weight. And it can be shot by anyone, because it is light, easy to carry and does not require that one eye be dominant over the other.

The beautiful camo pattern of this weapon allows it to easily blend in with your hunter apparel and the natural flora and fauna you are hunting in. It has and ergonomic KO 510 foregrip, and adjustable KO 540 stock so you can dampen the vibrations created by the release of the arrow.

This package gives you a comfortable to hold a weapon, a cocking device, rail lube, hex-keys, a large boot-style foot stirrup and an automatic safety.

6. SA Sports 647 Empire Fever Pro 175LB Crossbow Package

Turkey and deer hunters will both love the power this bow has. They will also love the quiet release of the arrow and the lack of vibration that can spook these two game animals quickly.

The weapon is an excellent bow with a trigger that is easy to pull for anyone shooting. It is powerful and can be used no matter if you shoot with your left-hand or your right. It is lightweight and easy to carry, and it will increase your ability to make better shots.

Customer service from the SA Company is impeccable. They are quick to respond to your questions and they are knowledgeable and capable so their answers are truly beneficial.

What is a Recurve Crossbow?

These weapons are crossbows that have limbs that curve away from the person shooting the device. This curvature provides increased power to the arrow and allows the hunter to make cleaner shots and one-shot kills.

These weapons have fewer moving parts than compound bows have and they are wider and easier to handle. The reduced number of moving parts means less complications with the device and less maintenance is needed to keep them operational.

How to Choose a Recurve Crossbow

Before buying your first recurve crossbow familiarize with the features of these weapons so you can get an item that will benefit your hunting or shooting style.


One of the biggest determining factors in which recurve crossbow will be best for you is the purpose for which you intend to use the bow. Do you plan to be target shooting? Do you plan to use the bow as a hunting weapon? What kind of game will you be hunting? What distance will you normally need the arrow to travel when you are hunting?

These questions are critical to what kind of bow is best suited to your shooting style, and fps needs.

Draw length

Recurve crossbows have longer draw lengths than compound crossbows have. This allows the arrow to be accelerated more. This can also interfere when you are in a tight shooting spot like in a tree-stand.

Energy and velocity

The speed that the recurve bow can shoot an arrow is greater than with most other bows. This is awesome because it means better penetration of the arrow and it means

Size and weight

These bows are longer than the common compound bow but they are also lighter. The weight of the bow will be affected by the materials the limbs are designed from. You must pay close attention to the materials of the bow, and the length of the limbs when shopping for these devices.


The amount of noise that the bow makes when the arrow is released can alert a game animal to your presence. Recurve bows are louder than compound bows so you want to get the one that is as quiet as possible. Heavier bows are often quieter because the material of the bow limbs absorb the shock and vibrations better.


These bows are shot by pulling a trigger much like you shoot a rifle. You want to know what hand you need to use to pull the trigger and how much force it will take to pull the trigger.


The truth of the matter is that the scopes that come on recurve bows are not generally the best scopes available. They are often cheaper device that do not have the power you might think they should have.


The amount of warranty offered with the device should be considered. You want something that the manufacturer guarantees to be effective and durable for several years.

Compound vs Recurve Crossbow – what’s the difference?

Compound and recurve bows, both have trigger pulls and they both have stocks similar to a rifle. Often people confuse the two items. There are some differences in these weapons, and to make sure that you get the weapon you will use the most learn these differences before you go shopping.

Compound Bows

  • They shoot farther
  • They shoot faster at lower weights
  • They are more powerful
  • Less force is required on the trigger mechanism
  • They are heavier than recurve bows
  • Requires you to use a bow press to replace the string if it breaks
  • They require more maintenance
  • They are not as accurate

Recurve Bows

  • Have longer limbs
  • Have a longer barrel that provides a longer power stroke
  • Easier to change the string on the bow
  • They are quieter
  • They are lighter and quicker to aim

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Store a Recurve Crossbow?

The best storage solution for these devices is to un-cock them and store them inside a protective bag. If the bow is going to be in storage for an extended amount of time it is recommended that you unstring it. Remove the string and cables, especially if you shoot a recurve because they are easy to put the string back. If you do not have a storage case or bag be sure to cover the scope, and hang the bow by the stirrup.

How to Quiet a Recurve Crossbow?

Before doing anything else to your crossbow get a wrench out and tighten all of the fasteners. A loose fastener can cause the weapon to be noisier. Pay special attention to the quiver brackets. Apply rubber string stops or silencers on the string. You can also make sure when you buy your weapon that you choose the heavier option. Heavier bows absorb more of the vibration and energy. You can also practice shooting more and practice letting the arrow go smoothly so that it is quieter when it is released.

How Accurate is a Recurve Crossbow?

These devices are highly accurate. They are simple and have fewer moving parts, but they allow you to position the arrow so that it strikes the target in the right place time and again. They do require the shooter to practice to develop the skills needed to shoot like this.

How Fast Can a Recurve Crossbow Shoot?

The fastest recurve crossbow will shoot up to 440-foot pounds per second. Most of the bows will shoot at a range of 240 to 330-foot pounds per second. The speed will be greatly impacted by the draw weight of the bow and the materials the bow is made from. Proper maintenance and string care will also affect the speed and velocity of the arrow.

When is it time to change my recurve crossbow’s string?

It is important to pay close attention to the string on your bow. Recurve bows apply a greater amount of pressure to the string and cause it to need to be changed more frequently. When you examine your string and see any evidence of fraying it is time to immediately change the string because no amount of wax will correct a frayed string.

Final Word

Recurve bows are excellent weapons. They are easy to shoot, they are accurate, they require very little maintenance, and they allow you to be a better shot. You do not have to use as much strength to shoot these weapons, and they are usually capable of being shot by someone who is dominant with either hand.

They are quieter than compound bows and they normally cost less. Every bow hunter should own at least one recurve.

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