Best Crossbow for Women In 2021

Archery for women was once thought of as a non-existent thing. It was believed that women were too weak to pull the bowstrings back, and that they were too delicate to handle the hunt. Recently girls have been competing more in archery competitions, buying more hunting gear, and hunting licenses, and participating in game hunts.

We wanted to make sure that our recommendations for the best crossbow for women was accurate and on point so we asked a group of women to test the bows and give us their opinions. We have a combination of novice shooters, experienced competition shooters and wild game hunters on our panel. The following are their recommending bows.

5 Best Women’s Crossbows Reviews In 2021

1. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543- Lightweight Crossbow


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Appealing to the eye, easy to shoot, lightweight, and designed with some of the latest technology to be applied to crossbows. The foot stirrup is a large boot style that you can easily stand on while cocking the weapon. The crossbow is lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for every hunter no matter what size, age, gender, or whether you are right or left-handed.

Everything you need to get you ready for the hunt is included with the bow. A cocking rope, a padded shoulder sling, side quiver, a 4×32 multi-range scope and four 15” aluminum arrows. SA Sports fever crossbow package 543 has been dipped in a camo pattern that is attractive to look at and not likely to be noticed by the game animals when you are in the woods.

2. CenterPoint Sniper 370- Best Crossbow for Beginners

CenterPoint Sniper 370

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God’s Country Camo pattern on the limbs of this crossbow make it attractive and easy to blend into the surroundings while you are hunting. It is a whisper quiet weapon that is unobtrusive and ready for action.

It comes with the bolts, quiver, and scope you need to get you prepared for the hunt you are going to use it on. It is light and easy to carry through the woods and into the deer stand. The lightweight makes it not create fatigue in your shoulders, and allows you to stand as long as you need to while you are taking aim without quivering or letting the weapon slip.

This crossbow is perfect for beginners and experienced archers. It has all of the power you need and all of the safety features you desire.

3. Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II- Best Budget Crossbow

Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II

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Draw weight of 150 pounds and velocity of 350 feet per second lets you know that this Barnett crossbow means business. It is powerful enough to bring down large game such as white tail deer, small bears, or elk. It is light enough to be carried all day without causing strain.

The Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II Designed with stainless steel components this device is durable, and capable. It is accurate and will give you the ability to make a clean kill shot with the first arrow. It is easy to load, and can be used by a left-handed or a right-handed shooter with the same great results.

Younger shooters or smaller shooters will have no trouble using this device. It is designed to be easy to load and easy to cock. It can enhance the archers ability to make a perfect shot time after time.

4. Barnett Outdoors Raptor FX Crossbow


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Perfect draw weight of between 150 and 165-lbs. The low draw weight does not slow down the speed of this device because it can launch an arrow at a 330 feet per second speed and bring down large game like deer and elk with one clean shot.

The custom composite laminate limbs are attractive and ready to blend in to the hunting environment you take them into. The composite material stops rust and corrosion, makes a strong limb that is durable, and leaves the entire item light and easy to maneuver.

The butt pad is adjustable so every hunter can have a better experience when using this weapon. It is great for all archers no matter what age or gender, or the amount of experience they have.

5. Barnett Ghost 420 Revanant CRT2, 3 -22″, Scp, 420


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Faster than the majority of crossbows. The full carbon step-through riser is combined with an aluminum flight track to give you one of the lightest bows. It is easy to carry and easy to hold in position while you wait for that trophy buck to turn just right for your shot to be perfect.

This weapon sends an arrow at high velocity to accurately strike the target you aimed at. The high speed drives the arrow deep so you only need to make one shot. It is a wonderful device for smaller archers like women or youth because it is lightweight but powerful enough to allow them to hunt and be successful.

The item is light but it does have enough weight to create stability and help you to make your aim better.

Thing to Consider

Women can use a crossbow to hunt. Women are great at archery because they usually have a better visual eye and they have steadier hands than men most of the time. When you are choosing a crossbow for a female there are some considerations for you to make that will help you buy a bow that the lady can easily handle, and one that has enough power to do what the lady wants done.


The speed with which the arrow travels from the bow to the target is referred to as velocity. The velocity matters because the faster an arrow is traveling the more capable it is of making greater penetration when it makes contact with the target or prey you are shooting at.

Get a bow that is capable of creating a velocity of no less than 300 feet per second. With this speed it will only take one shot to bag most game species.

Draw Weights

When you hear the term draw weight the person is speaking of the amount of force it takes to pull the bow string back into a shooting position. Heavier draw weights cause a greater velocity. So, bows with heavier draw weights shoot the arrows faster.

If the draw weight of the bow is too great for the archer then the accuracy of the shot will be less. The archer will also have pain in their arms and shoulders from trying to shoot. The pain they feel after shooting may deter them from wanting to use the bow again and may cause them to lose interest in archery.

Draw weights change a little with crossbows because the trigger pull weight is the force the lady will need to make to pull the trigger. The strength in the hand determines if the trigger force is too great. A lady can strengthen her hands and increase the amount of trigger force she can tolerate with practice.

Style and Weight

The bow style determines how the weapon is shot, and it usually plays a large factor in the weight of the bow. The bow made of aluminum is lighter than some of the bows made of composite materials. A cross bow is easier to shoot than a long bow.

When a bow is made of heavier materials the weapon will be more durable and last for a longer amount of time. These bows are less likely to be unstable, or to crack or break when you shoot them. When the bow is lighter it creates fewer vibrations when shot so it is easier to make an accurate shot.

Crossbows are easier to fire than most other bows. They do not require the woman to have as much upper body strength as longbows would. They are usually more compact, and they are often lighter and easier for the lady to maneuver. You should check and make sure the game regulations in the area where the lady will use the weapon approve of the use of a crossbow, or check and see if she will need a special license to carry a crossbow.

Cocking Devices

The correct cocking device helps you to load the arrow and prepare to shoot and it helps you to unload the weapon in the event that the shot could not be made and your weapon is left ready to fire. These are accessories that will help the lady cock her weapon and be prepared for the kill. They can also be considered safety devices because a cocked weapon must be disarmed before you travel back home for the night.

Cocking mechanisms can add some noise to the weapon. If the woman is using the device strictly for target and competition shooting this will not matter. If the lady is hunting game then you need to make sure the weapon that she gets will be as silent as possible so the game is not alerted when she cocks her bow and prepares to take her shot.

Left eye or Right eye?

You need to know which eye is dominant for the lady the bow will be used by. Some bows are designed to be used by people who have dominant left eyes and dominant left hands for shooting. There are also bows designed to be used by people who have a dominant right eye or hand.

If you are buying the item for a beginner, or you do not know which eye is the lady’s dominant one then tries to purchase a bow that can be used with either right or left dominance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Women Cock a Crossbow Easily?

If you do not have a cocking rope to help you cock the weapon then try sitting down on the ground. Place your feet on the riser of the bow, and lean backwards like you are going to lie down on your back. Many women find this position helpful when they are barehand cocking. The absolute easiest way for a woman to cock a bow is using a cocking rope or cranking device that will reduce the force required to cock the bow smoothly.

What is the Draw Weight on Crossbow for Women?

Draw weight is the force it takes to pull the bow string back. For most women a 150-pound to 165-pound draw weight is perfect. With that draw weight the arrow will have ample speed for killing animals as big as whitetail deer. At this draw weight the average woman can target practice or hunt without having a lot of fatigue or strained muscles from the activity.

Final Word

The popularity of crossbows amongst women archers has the manufacturers paying more attention to details and creating items that are lighter, have lower draw weights, and are easier to load and cock. The new features on these bows make them easier to shoot, lighter to carry, and more accurate and powerful than ever before.

The age of the female archer has arrived, and the manufacturers are embracing this fact. Today you can even find bows that are painted to appeal to the female hunter more than to the male. Purple, pink, and vibrant colors are being used to attract the younger women to the sport of archery.

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