Best Compound Bows for Women

Compound bows are an excellent choice for women archers. The bows have pulleys and cables that help to shoot the arrows at higher velocities with less physical and upper body strength. Women are every bit as capable of shooting a bow as a man, women are just often physically smaller and have less upper body strength.

The physical size of the woman helps determine which bow she can shoot comfortably. The physical agility of the woman will also help to make this determination. If she is an active woman, she will likely be able to shoot a more difficult bow than a woman who does very little physical activity.

Best Compound Bows for Women

1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow


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The thing that makes this bow great for women is the versatility in the adjustments you can make to customize it to the shooter. This bow can be shot with a draw length between 13 and 31 inches so it is the right fit for every shooter no matter what size they are.

It is powerful and shoots an arrow with a 310 foot per second speed. It can be used to kill large game animals. The draw weight is also customizable from 5 to 10 pounds so you can lower the arrow speed and force and also use this when small game hunting.

The let off for this bow is 80% so the actual force and strength required to make a full draw is minimal.

2. Southland Archery Supply SAS Scorpi


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This is a great woman’s bow. It has an adjustable draw length that is very easy to set. You do not need a bow press or a lot of time to make the slight changes that allow the draw length to be increased or decreased from 19 to 29 inches. With a draw length that is that adjustable the bow can actually be used by the majority of men or women.

The brace height on this bow is seven and one-half inches so it is a very forgiving bow. You do not have to be an expert marksman to make perfect shots. It has a 68% let off and that is pretty low, but it can shoot an arrow at 260 feet per second so it can be used in hunting.

This is an awesome bow to use when bowfishing.

3. TOPOINT Trigon Compound Bow Package


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Powerful arrow speeds of up to 320 feet per second with minimal draw back effort due to the 80% let off make this possibly the finest compound bow for women. It is adjustable, it is versatile, it is durable, and it can help the shooter to gain in skill and proficiency.

This is a full package and not just the bow. You get everything you need to start your archery shooting. Part of the reason why this bow is so great for the ladies is the fact that the camo pattern of the limbs has an almost pinkish hue that most men do not find appealing.

The bow can grow with the shooter so as the woman gains experience, she will still have a beneficial weapon.

4. Predator Archery Raptor Compound Bow


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This is one of the finest compound bows for women and for men. It is adjustable from a draw length of 24.5 to a draw length of 31”. It has a draw weight adjustment that varies from 30 pounds to 70 pounds. It sends an arrow at speeds of up to 315 feet per second. It weighs less than four pounds.

The riser and cams of the weapon are made from aluminum which allows them to be strong yet lighter. The limbs are fiberglass so they are completely weather resistant, and they are light. This bow will not tire you out even if you hunt all day with it.

This is a durable item that will last for many years. It is adjustable so it grows with the shooter.

5. Leader Accessories Compound Bow


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This is an easy to use powerful weapon that is perfect for the majority of people. It has a draw length that can be adjusted from 19” to 29” and a draw weight that can be adjusted from 30-pounds to 55-pounds. That makes it easy for the majority of people up to about 6’1” in height to handle and use.

This bow is extremely forgiving so you do not have to be an excellent shot to make a great shot. It is also light and weighs less than four pounds so you can carry it all day with no fatigue issues. It has a 70% let off so you do not need as much upper body strength to shoot an arrow with a speed of up to 296 feet per second.

6. Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow


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This is a perfectly balanced machine. It can shoot an arrow up to 290 feet per second so it has the power to make a clean kill in just one shot. It also weighs 3.2-pounds so you will hardly notice that you are carrying anything when you take it out for a days’ adventure.

This bow is totally adjustable so it is versatile and be customized to be right for the shooter instead of the shooter adapting to the bow. The adjustments do not require a bow press, and are made with a simple Allen wrench. It is whisper quiet and has a smooth draw back.

7. Genesis Original Bow


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This is the bow that you have been looking for. It does not matter if you shoot with the right-hand or the left-hand because Genesis makes a compatible version for each hand.

The aluminum riser, aluminum cam, and aluminum idler wheel allow the manufacturer to give the weapon great strength with minimal weight. It has even been selected as the official bow used in the National Archery in the Schools Programs.

This bow has a reduced amount of recoil and provides the shooter with accuracy, speed, and a quiet release. It is simple to use, simple to master, and durable.

What Makes a Compound Bow Great for a Woman?

A good compound bow for a woman who has never shot before is one with weight adjustments that allow her to start shooting at a lower draw weight and increase the draw weight as her skill and dexterity increases.

The female bow needs to be a scaled down version of the popular men’s bow. I mean that they need to have all of the amenities with shorter draw lengths and slightly lighter draw weights so the smaller woman can handle them.

The grip of the bow needs to be scaled down so that it easily fits into the smaller hands of a woman.

Th bow needs to have a higher brace height if the woman is a beginning shooter. Higher brace heights of 7” or more can be more forgiving.

Women’s Compound Bows vs Men’s

Women’s Bows

  • Women’s are typically shorter than men, and have shorter arm lengths, so the bows designed specifically for women have shorter draw lengths.
  • Women may not have the same upper body strength that a man has and often the draw weights of the bows for women are less to accommodate that fact. A 25 to 35-pound draw weight is a good beginning bow weight for a woman.
  • The let off on a bow for women may be greater to allow them to have more power with less actual force.

Men’s Bows

  • Bows for men are normally designed for individuals who stand 5’10” or greater since men are normally taller and have longer arms than women
  • The draw lengths of the bows are longer to make them more comfortable for the man to make
  • The grips on the bows are larger so the larger hands of a man can hold them with no pain or trouble

Buying Guide for a Women’s Compound Bow

When you are buying a compound bow for a woman there are several factors you must consider so you are sure to get a bow she can handle with ease. Becoming familiar with the different aspects of these weapons can help you to find the perfect one for the shooter you have in mind.


We are mentioning this first because it is the number one thing that people consider when they are purchasing anything. The cost of the bow you buy will depend on the manufacturer of the weapon and the quality.

We have all heard the old adage that you get what you pay for, and when it comes to bows this statement is true. If you try to buy the cheapest bow on the market you will find that they do not last for long before they need replacing. Over the years of replacements, you usually discover that you would have saved money by purchasing the higher priced/higher quality item to start with.

Bow Weight

Before we talk about the power of the bow you need to consider the overall weight of the item you are shopping for. Bows are made from different materials and in different designs and these materials and designs affect the overall weight of the item. If the bow is too heavy it will tire the shooter out quickly and they will not be as proficient when they shoot.

Lighter bows can help the archer to carry the weapon and hold the weapon in the full drawn position ready to shoot while they wait for their perfect opportunity.

Draw Length

One of the main reasons why newcomers to bow hunting quit the sport is they have a difficult time shooting the weapon. To make sure that your shooter is a success you need to make certain the draw length is right for their purposes.

Men are usually larger than women and they usually have longer arms than women, so they need bows that have longer draw lengths. For women and youth, it is recommended that you buy a bow that has an adjustable draw length so you can customize the bow to the shooter.

Draw Weight

The draw weight will be an estimate of the force and power the bow has. Women can usually handle a draw weight between 25 pounds and 45 pounds. You need larger draw weights to get enough power to bring down an animal like a deer.

With compound bows the draw weight is not the exact weight you have to be able to draw back and maintain. The compound bow will have a let off that will reduce the pressure you have to assert by as much as 75%. These bows may only require a 10-pound force to deliver an arrow that is powerful enough to bring down large game when you are hunting.

Brace Height

compound bow brace height

The brace height will determine the amount of skill the woman must have in order to be able to be accurate with the weapon. A brace height below seven inches requires the shooter to be more precise and accurate. If the woman is new to bow hunting get a weapon with a brace height that is seven inches or greater. At seven inches the brace height allows more forgiveness and requires less skill.

Noise Levels

You need the bow to be as quiet as possible if the woman will be hunting with it. If they are competition shooting or target practicing the noise level will not matter as much. Heavier bows are generally quieter but they are also more difficult for women to handle. You may want to buy accessories that can help to dampen the sound of the bow.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Average Draw Weight for a Woman?

Typically, a woman of average weight, height, and size will be able to use a bow with a draw weight of between 25 and 35 pounds with no difficulties. You do have to remember that some women have a greater amount of upper body strength and may be able to handle a bigger draw weight than other women her size could.

How Much Does a Compound Bow for a Woman Cost?

The cost of compound bows varies greatly according to the manufacturer of the bow, and the location you live in. For most women bows you are looking at a cost of $100 on the lowest scale and about $300 on the average price range.

Will the Colors of these Bows Fade Away Over Time?

If the bow is left exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time then there is a possibility that the coloration of the limbs may fade or lighten. Areas of the bow limbs that come into the most contact with your hands may fade or discolor slightly over time with a lot of usage.

Final Word

A compound bow is an excellent bow choice for a woman. These weapons allow you to have the challenges and excitement of bow hunting, but they do not require the same amount of physical strength and draw lengths that traditional long-bows or recurve bows do.

Compound bows for women differ only in draw length, and draw weight, from the bows designed for men. The weapons are equally powerful, and can be used for target practice, competition shooting or hunting.

Remember that when buying a compound bow you want to consider the skill level of the shooter, their physical size, and their physical ability.

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