Best Bowfishing Bow in 2021 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Bow fishing is an exhilarating sport that requires the marksman to be able to quickly get a shot off at a fast moving target while compensating for water depth, and resistance. It is challenging enough for experts to love it and easy enough for beginners to do it without being overly discouraged.

Many of our readers are interested in bow fishing and have asked us to do a review on the best bow-fishing bow to use. We called up a few anglers who participate in this sport and asked them to give us a break down on which bows were best for this activity, and which bows they personally use.

Top 5 Bows Recommended Bowfishing Bow

1. E-Rad Bow-fishing Bow Kit

E-Rad Bow-fishing Bow Kit

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This bow is designed for the left handed shooter. It weighs 3.8 pounds so it is light enough to not cause strain and fatigue. It measures 42” x 15” x 8”.

The draw weight range on this bow is a 30 to 60 pound range. The bow has an aluminum machined riser that allows you to shoot 3with mor4e accuracy. The aluminum is lightweight so it does not cause the bow to be heavier.

It is a water resistant item that is easy to use, and durable. It comes with a TNT tournament reel, 35 yards of 350 pound Spectra Line, a bow fishing DVD, a Tidal Wave arrow rest, a carbon cored arrow and a cyclone tip, and more.

2. Cajun Bow-fishing Sucker Punch Bow

Cajun Bow-fishing Sucker Punch Bow

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Everything you need is included with this fishing bow package. The bow has a 50 pound draw weight to shoot arrows deep into the fish. It also is designed with deep cam grooves that prevent the derailing of the strings.

You get a Cajun Winch Pro reel with the bow, a fishing biscuit arrow rest, along with 2 fiberglass arrows. The bow has Blister Buster finger pads for your comfort and provides a draw length range from 17” to 31”.

It has a 7.25 brace height that gives you smooth shooting and it has a 60% let off. This bow is great for beginners and experienced anglers alike.

3. PSE ARCHERY D3 Bowfishing Compound Bow

PSE ARCHERY D3 Bowfishing Compound Bow

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This is an ultimate fishing bow. It provides you with a draw length range up to 30:” and a 40 pound draw weight. It weighs only 3.2 pounds so it can be easily carried, maneuvered and used for hours with little or no fatigue.

It is designed to let every skill level from beginner to professional angler have the best experience. It is highly adjustable so it can become the best bow for you. The 40 pound draw weight can be adjusted down to almost a 29 pound.

It is designed for snap shooting so you can easily get the shot you need to get. It comes complete with a RT-3500 Spin Reel, a Seat One Snap Shot Rest, a Fish Stick arrow, and a safety slide. It is ready to fish when you get it.

4. Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow

Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow

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With this bow you get everything needed to start bow fishing. It even has Blister Buster finger pads to stop annoying blisters from forming when you use the bow for long periods of time. It comes with threaded holes that allow you to easily mount sights or reels.

The riser is fashioned from a high grade aluminum that allows the bow to be lighter. The limbs are made of a composite material that is strong and resilient. The grip is a non-slip rubber so you do not have to worry about losing control no matter what the weather conditions are like.

You get a drum reel with line, a roller rest and a good arrow with a Piranha point to get you started. It is 56 inches long and has a 45 lb. peak draw. It has a total weight of 5 pounds.

5. PSE ARCHERY D3 Bow-fishing Compound Bow Reel Package

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This bow offers unbeatable accuracy, and it is adjustable to suit the needs of the user. The draw weights can be adjusted from a 29 lb. to a 40 lb. It has a 30” draw length, and it only weighs 3.2 pounds.

The brace height is 6 5/8” and it comes with a locked 50 lb. cam that ensures snap shooting ability. It is a great bow for the beginner and it is a great bow for the experienced shooter.

This bow is made in the US. It comes with an RT-3500 Spin Reel and seat, as well as a One Snap Shot Rest and a fish stick arrow. You also get a safety stop and slide so you are ready to fish when it arrives.

How to Choose The Best Bowfishing Bow

The Rests

When you are bow fishing your bow will not need sights because you will use your common visual line of sight to target your fish. You have to see the fish and quickly shoot the fish before it gets away and do not have time to try and sight the fish in using a typical hunting sight.

The roller and hook rests are the most common rests chosen by bow fishing anglers. The roller rest is easy to install and can increase your arrow foot speed per second by as much as ten feet per second.

The hook rest will not add speed to your shot but they are easy to use and they help you maintain a steady aim while you are shooting. They are good for both right and left hand anglers.

The Bow

You can basically use any bow for this sport but the compound bow and the recurve bow are the most frequently chosen devices.

Recurve bows get their name from the fact that the center section of the bow curves towards the shooter. One of the primary reasons these bows are chosen for this sport is because they can shoot the arrow with a lot of force even if they are not pulled to a full draw. That means you can take a quick shot, and let’s face it when you are shooting at fish you need to shoot quickly.

Recurve bows are usually cheaper than compound bows. They also have fewer moving parts so they have fewer malfunctions.

Compound bows use a series of pulleys and cables connected to cams to shoot. These bows are easy to draw and provide you with the ability to shoot with less fatigue or effort.

They have adjustable draw weights so you can set the draw weight according to your strength and ability. They also shoot with greater force so they hit harder than the recurve bows do and give you a better chance at driving your arrow home into bigger fish.

Compound bows are heavier and harder to transport because they do not break down or fold up. They are also harder to care for and require a lot of maintenance.

Weight Considerations

When you are considering the weight of the bow you need to remember that you will be holding this item for long periods of time. The heavier that the bow is the more tension it will place on your arms and shoulders. If the bow is very heavy you will get less accurate as the day progresses and your arms begin to tire from holding it. If at all possible try and get a bow that weighs not more than three pounds.

The draw weight of a bow is the actual pounds of pulling weight it requires for you to pull the bowstring to a fully taut and position. A heavier drawback gives you a more powerful shot that can send the arrow further and cause it to strike with more force. A heavier draw weight is also harder to pull back and after a full day of frequent use the heavier draw weight can leave you exhausted with a hurting back.

The lighter draw weight allows you to shoot more frequently without tiring as easy. The drawback to the lighter draw weight is the arrow does not have the same force when it hits the target and the target has to be closer to you when you shoot.

The Grip

When you are bow fishing it is essential that you have a comfortable grip on your bow. You are going to have this item in your hands a lot, so you need to be able to hold onto it comfortably.

A padded grip is going to be more comfortable that an unpadded one. You also want to try and get a grip that has anti blister pads. You do not realize how easily you can get blisters from using these devices. Pre4vention is worth the pound of cure when it comes to painful blisters on your hands.

The Reel

The biggest difference between an ordinary recurve or compound bow and one that is meant to use when bow fishing is the reel. The reel retrieves the fish for you when you shoot it.

There are several different reels that you can buy, and the only big differences in them are the price and personal preference of the user. I will say that you get what you pay for and the cheapest reel may not be the most durable, but the cheaper reel will give you something to practice with.

Bow-fishing Gear

There are several items that you need to add to your arsenal before you begin to bow fish. Most of these items are relatively inexpensive but will help you land more fish, and keep those fish fresh.

Polarized Sunglasses

You have to be able to see down into the water to see the fish and polarized sunglasses are going to be your best friend when bow fishing in the daytime.

A short club

You need a piece of hardwood that you can use to knock the larger carp and gar in the head to keep them from thrashing in the bottom of your boat. You can use your boat paddle for this, but you take a chance of breaking your paddle and being up the creek without a paddle.

Bright Light

I recommend that you get a Q-beam light to add to your lighting arsenal. Those big light setups you see of halogen lights that are powered by a generator; and light up the area, like it was a landing strip are expensive and noisy. A good bright Q-beam can light up plenty of area for you to fish without alerting every fish in the county that you are close.

 You also need to pack along a bucket for guts and such, and an arrow that has a good point that can penetrate larger fish.

How to Bow-fish & When to Bow-Fish

When and where you fish will be determined by your location and what kind of fish you want to bag. The only water limitations exist in the regulations of the county, state or parish you are fishing in.

Bow fishing can be done in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and freshwater inlets. This sport fishing can also be done on salt water bays, estuaries, bayous, and beaches.

When choosing a spot to go bow fishing you want to find a place that has fairly clear water that is relatively shallow. Three to four feet deep water is ideal for this sport.

The shallow water allows your arrow to retain its force so it hits the target soundly. The fish you are looking for also hang around in the shallow water feeding, so this is ideal for your hunting.

You can do this type of fish hunting in the daylight hours or at night. During the daylight hours you will be more successful if you choose to hunt in the spring when the fish are spawning and are going to naturally be in the more shallow waters.

Nighttime bow hunting is more successful because the fish normally head to the shallows to feed at night. You will still have more success in the spring when the fish are spawning, and in the fall when the water is clearer.

You will have more shots at larger fish in the spring and summer months than in the fall and winter months. You will also get shots at larger fish if you hunt at night. Larger fish are cautious and the darkness gives you more cover and less visibility.

When you take your shot at the fish always aim for the front half instead of the back half of the fish. You will get a better shot that is more likely to hit the target if the fish moves.

FAQ about Bowfishing Bow

What Are The Parts of A Bow-fishing Bow?

A bow designed for use in the sport of bow fishing will have an arrow rest, a cam, a reel, your pro retriever, the riser and limb, and there should be a light kit for fishing in dim or murky lighting situations. You will recognize that many of these elements are standard on the majority of bows available.

Are There Any Regulations Regarding Bow-fishing?

The regulations for bow fishing equipment, and activities will change according to where you are fishing. Some lakes and waterways do not allow this type of fishing at all so you must check your local Parks and Wildlife services for any regulations or restrictions that exist on the waters you wish to fish in.

Will any bow work for bow-fishing?

You can use any bow for this type of sport fishing, but your time to take your shot is going to be shorter than it would be for most game. A low draw weight can increase the speed that you have when setting up your shot. The most frequently used bows in this sport of compound and crossbow styles.

When bow-fishing do you aim above or below the fish?

When bow fishing the light reflection in the water changes your perception of where the fish is. This distortion is something you will become accustomed to, but to insure that you get your fish try and aim the arrow 3 inches lower per foot of depth. If the fish is three foot down then aim for 9 inches below the fish and you should be okay.

Final Word

Bow fishing is a fun sport. It does take some practice for you to get accustomed to shooting the right depth, and shooting quickly enough to bag the fish.

The right equipment will help you to make the best of the time you have between seeing the fish and taking your shot. Always wear safety equipment like life preservers, and make sure and check the local fish and game departments regulations for the sport before you begin.

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