Best Compound Bow Quivers For Hunting in 2021

The best bow quivers are another bow accessory that all bow hunters want to know more about. Our experts tell us that the bow quiver needs of hunters are great because they carry all of the ammunition.

Our experts say that how the quiver attaches, the number of arrows it can carry, and the type of arrows it can carry are all very important factors in deciding which quiver you need. They reviewed several quivers for us and the following ones are their favorites.

The 5 Best Bow Quivers Reviews

1. Allen Youth Archery Compact Back Quiver


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This is a high-quality quiver for hunting in the market. It can be purchased in pink or gray depending upon preference. It has an adjustable strap that makes it convenient for the majority of all youth hunters to customize it to a perfect fit. The strap is very comfortable so the quiver is easy to wear for extended periods of time.

This quiver will carry as many as 14 arrows so you get plenty of ammunition for target practice. It is designed for young people and it will hold the arrows even when the young archer is very active.

This quiver is about 20 inches deep and 27” to 30” arrows fit into it properly.

The fabric it is made from is high-quality and retains shape well. 

2. Bear Archery Logo Deluxe Back Quiver

Bear-Archery-Logo-Deluxe-Back Quiver

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The beautiful bear archery logo deluxe back quiver is crafted from 100% leather. It is customizable and can be used by both left and right handed shooters.

It has divided compartments so you can separate the arrows. It is 22 inches deep and able to hold the majority of arrows. It will hold up to 24 arrows.

There is also a large compartment on the side of the quiver that zips shut. You can carry your shooting glove, arrow tips and bow string in this convenient compartment.

It has a three point front harness that is easy to adjust. The quiver is sturdy and will provide you with exactly what you need to keep your arrows together, and protected.

3. Kwikee Kwiver Combo 4 Arrow Bow Quiver


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This is a lightweight quiver and has a quick detach. It is designed with rubber grips that safely and securely hold the arrows in position. The arrows are securely held at two points so they are protected and will not slip free of the quiver.

It is crafted from a polymer that is durable, and capable of providing long lasting service.

It has an ultra-lock bracket that will be quiet when you are getting an arrow because it reduces the vibrations of the arrow being pulled from the quiver.

This quiver is designed to protect your broad heads and eliminate the potential premature opening of these arrows. The rubber lined head cover also helps your broad tips to remain sharp and ready to use.

4. October Mountain Products No Spill Tube Quiver


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This quiver is designed to hold your arrows securely even if you are bending or the quiver is pulled to one side or the other. It is made from rugged material that is a 600 denier. It can tolerate the elements, and the rigorous treatment a quiver receives when you are traveling through outdoor terrains.

This is a durable quiver that will serve you for a long time. The material is durable and will keep its shape without distortion that can cause the arrows to slip from the quiver. It has a depth of 18”. It requires you to wear a belt so it can be clipped to the belt. It easily holds 6 arrows.

It is designed to hold your arrows but it is also designed to protect your arrows. It is capable of being used by a left hand shooter or a right hand shooter with equal proficiency.

5. Trophy Ridge Lite-1 Arrow Quiver


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The Trophy Ridge lite-1 arrow quiver will contain your arrows and protect them at the same time. It has dual grips designed to hold the arrows in perfect position. It can be used with fixed or mechanical broad heads.

It is Ballistix CoPolymer so it is durable and will last a long time. There are three LED lights situated on top of the hood. You can use these lights for different purposes. One of them is perfect for shining on the ground to light you path.

It has a quick detach feature that allows you to quickly unburden from the quiver if you suddenly need to move fast. 

It holds about 5 arrows so you will always be ready if the opportunity presents itself to shoot more than one thing.

The string loop is a handy feature that allows you to hang the quiver up and know that it is safe and waiting for you.

Types of Bow Quivers 


Traditional quivers can be carried on the side, the hip, or the back. These quivers do not have tubes inside them to offer as much protection to your arrows. Without the tubes it would be easy for a broad head arrow to slice through them.

Side Quivers

These are normally capable of fastening to the belt you are wearing. Your belt would pull through the loops on the quiver. This holds the quiver on your side. If the quiver does not have loops it will likely have a clip that allows it to be attached to your pants or belt.

These quivers are usually out of your way, and they work for both right handed hunters and left handed hunters.

The newer side quivers have tubes that help them retain their shape and be more protective of the arrows. You can get side quivers that will hold up to 24 arrows.

Back Quivers

The back quivers are what you commonly see in movies. They are worn so that you can reach over your shoulder and pull out an arrow. They can be used by either a right handed hunter or a left handed hunter. You simply have to position them over the correct shoulder to make access to your arrows easy. Back quivers can accommodate as many as two dozen arrows or varying lengths dependent upon the depth of the quiver.

Bow Quiver

The bow quiver is not worn by the archer it is attached to the bow you are shooting. Archers that use recurve bows get the most advantages from this type of arrow quiver. The bow quivers provide the ultimate security for your arrows, but they normally will not let you carry more than five or six arrows at a time.

The bow quiver holds the arrows close to your hands so you have easy access to your extra arrows.

Advantages of Using a Compound Bow Quiver 

In order to determine whether or not you would like to attach best compound bow quiver you need to consider what these arrow holders can do for you. 

You first should know that there are both permanent and non-permanent quivers that can be used with a compound bow. The main difference in these items is the permanent quivers require hand-tools to put them on the bow and to remove them from the bow.

The removable quivers have brackets that attach to your bow using tools. Then the quiver snaps onto or fastens to the brackets. You put the quiver on when you need it and take it off when you do not need it. Most bow hunters feel that the removable quivers give them a more versatile bow because they can use their bow either with or without.

More Arrows

One of the biggest and most obvious advantages to using a compound bow quiver is that you will have the availability of more arrows. The quiver holds about half of a dozen arrows and those arrows are right at your fingertips.

If you get an opportunity to shoot more game, or you are in a contest and trying to group a certain number of arrows quickly, then a compound bow quiver will let you have more arrows to shoot.

If you have to make a follow up shot the arrow is so close that you can be loaded and ready to shoot in seconds.

You will also know exactly where your arrows are when you need them. If you are hunting and you are not using a bow quiver then your arrows can be sat down but not be right with your bow. When you go to hunt you do not want to have to look in more than one location for your bow and arrows.

How do You Install a Tightspot Quiver 

Open the package and check to see that all of the screws and bolts are included.

Read the instructions then save the instructions. The instructions contain information on the quiver that you may need to refer to later. Put the instructions in a safe place just in case you ever need them.

  • Unhook the dovetail system from the quiver Can face the bow or face way from the bow
  • Make sure the brass washer on the item then use Allen wrenches to attach them to the bow tighten them down lightly
  • Attach the quiver to the Tightspot bracket
  • Set the quiver so it tilts forward slightly. This will give you a better weight balance.
  • Adjust the quiver height on the bow by putting arrows in the quiver
  • The factory setting may be good. Most of the time the factory setting is perfect but always check to make sure.
  • Snug down the screws so they cannot allow the quiver to move. Do not over-tighten the screws but get them snug enough against the bow so that the quiver will not be able to tilt either direction.
  • Slide the quiver in and then turn the quick lock setting so it is attached

Do all quivers fit all bows?

No they do not. You need to look at the design of the quiver you have chosen and then check to make sure that design can be mounted to your bow. Some quivers are designed to be worn on your body with either access from the side or from the back.

What is a bow quiver?

A bow quiver is a device that will hold arrows. These quivers are connected to the bow so that the arrows are within reach of your fingers. They can be permanent attachments or they can be an attachment that can be taken on and off the bow.

How to wear a bow quiver?

Wearing a bow quiver will depend on the style of quiver you have chosen. If it is designed to be a back quiver then you wear it over the shoulder of your dominant hand. If it is a side quiver it may require you to loop the belt you are wearing through the quiver and the belt will hold it in place at your side.

Wrap Up

A quiver is a bow hunting accessory. You do not have to have a quiver in order to hunt with a bow and arrow. Having a quiver will mean that you have a storage area for your arrows, that your arrows are protected, and that you can carry more arrows with you when you go hunting.

The quiver that attaches to the bow will give you about 5 arrows to use. This arrow configuration will make it very easy for you to reach your arrows and make a quick second shot. Quivers that you wear on your body will hold more arrows but do not give you the same quickness of access as a bow quiver.