Best Bow Peep Sight to Find in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

A peep sight is an accessory and not a mandatory item for bow fishing or archery. The peep sight is a personal preference item that many archers use to help them find the perfect place on their target before they take their shot.

We asked our professional archers and our expert bow fishing friends if they used peep sights and which of these sights did they recommend. The following sites are the ones that these experts say they use themselves or recommend to friends and family.

Reviews of the Best Bow Peep Sights

1. Iron-Buddy Compound Bow Peep Sights

Iron-Buddy Compound Bow Peep Sights

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These peep sights are made from an aluminum alloy that will not rust or corrode. It is perfectly designed to fit a compound bow.

You get a 37 degree peep sight that has three inner cores to choose from. You get the popular 1/16”, 3/32” and 1/8” along with a hex wrench for installation and adjustment purposes.

You get all three aperture diameters so you can easily change from smaller to larger depending on your hunting needs at the time.

2. TRUGLO Glo-Brite Peep Sight

TRUGLO Glo-Brite Peep Sight

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This peep sight is especially good when you are shooting in low light situations. The green insert in the sight is adjustable to three different settings so you get the right amount of light and right target zone for your shooting needs.

The diameter of the aperture is a 3/16” so it gives a great balance of light and accuracy. It has tubing that attaches to the bowstring on one end and to the bow cables on the other for proper positioning.

3. TRUGLO Versa Interchangeable Peep Sight Insert Sets

TRUGLO Versa Interchangeable Peep Sight Insert Sets

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These are metal peep sights that come in red, green and black colors. They are precision CNC machined sights crafted from a lightweight aluminum material. They do not add weight or drag to your bowstring.

These sights are specifically designed to be used on shorter axle to axle bows, and they have a ¼” diameter without their insert.

They are easy to install, and easy to use.

4. Specialty Archery Pro Hooded Peep

Specialty Archery Pro Hooded Peep

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These ring shaped peep sights are made in China. They measure 5.5 inches x 3.2 inches x 1 inch and weigh only 0.16 ounces. They have an additional clarifier that makes them work even better.

Once installed this peep sight leaves you the option to remove and install a different variety or size at a later date if you choose to.

The State of California warns against these sights because the materials they are made from are considered to be known carcinogens in California.

5. TRUGLO TG76C Centra Peep

TRUGLO TG76C Centra Peep

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The aperture on this peep sight is a ¼”. It is made in China and specifically designed to fit on bows that are shorter axle to axle.

The sight comes in several different colors and diameters according to your personal preference. It is easy to install and durable.

You can buy single sights that are 1/8”, 3/16” or ¼”, or you can buy packages of 50 peeps in the ¼” and 3/16” sizes.

6. G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight

G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight

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These peep sights are made from 7000 series aluminum. They are light and are coated with a non-abrasive substance so they will cause no damage or fraying to your bowstring once installed.

You have your choice of several different colors ranging from black, blue, green, pink, purple and red. They are crafted with a convex interior so they maintain their round shape even after installation.

These peep sights are installed between the strings of the bowstring. They come in several different diameters including the popular 3/16” and ¼”.

What are a Peep Sight and the Purpose of use?

A peep sight is a small apparatus designed to help the shooter find the perfect trajectory for their arrow. Before you take a shot you glance through the peep sight and you are able to hone in on the exact location on the target that you want the arrow to strike.

The smaller diameter peeps are able to increase the accuracy of your shots. They allow you to aim at a smaller section of the target and this gives you more room outside of the target zone that would still be a connection hit.

The larger sights allow more light to be concentrated on your visual field of sight so you have a clearer image of the target when shooting in low light scenarios.

People use these sights to improve their shots and be more successful at striking their target in a kill zone. These sights allow you to sink the arrow into the fish in a position that is going to allow you to retrieve the fish with the reel without the arrow tearing loose from the fish.

How to Tie in a Peep Sight

Tying your peep site on will be determined by the style of peep sight you have purchased. If you have purchased a sight with a narrow tube you will connect one end of that tube to the cables on your bow and the other end of the tube will connect to the bow string.

For the sight that is inserted onto the bowstring follow these steps.

  • Relax the tension on the bowstring.
  • Use a bow press to further release string tension.
  • Separate the 2 strands of the bow-string. Slide the peep sight in between the separated strings.
  • Use a piece of serving string to wrap around the bow string so that it holds pressure on the peep sight. Usually you need about an 18” piece of serving string.
  • Make a wrap of about four times around the string on each side of the peep sight to secure it. When you pull the wrap tightly it will move slightly closer to the peep sight. You may need to repeat this process two or three times until you get the wraps as close as possible to the peep sight. Remember that the distance from the peep sight to the first wrap must be equal on both the top and the bottom. When the peep is being held securely then cut any dangling pieces of serving string away.
  • Put some super glue on the serving string wraps to secure them further.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Bow Peep Sights

When it comes to a peep sight you either love it or you hate it. They are helpful tools to some marksmen and others find them to be distracting.

Peep sights do come in different sizes. Before you purchase one of these sights make sure you understand the components and complexities so you can find the right size and diameter for your needs.

Size Matters

The most common sizes in peep sights are the 1/8”, the 1/4”, and the 3/16”. The majority of shooters choose their peep sight size according to what they need the peep sight to do for them.

Smaller peep sights help to improve your accuracy. Larger peep sights help to improve your aim when the lighting conditions are less than perfect.

The 3/16” sight fits into the category of being able to both give you more accuracy and more light. That is why this is probably the most popular size.

The only real way to determine what size you like the best is to use different sizes and see which one works best for you.


These sights can be made from a variety of plastics, aluminum, composites, and more. Basically the materials have influence on the weight of the item, and they can play a part in creating a glare in a bright light situation.


There are two common styles in peeps for bows. One of them has a narrow tube that is connected to the cables of the bow and the bowstring. When the shooter draws their bow string back it makes this peep sight go in a straight line to tell you where to shoot.

The other style of peep sight is attached to the bowstrings by separating the string and then tying the sight in place with service string on each end. You line this sight up with where your dominant eye will be staring when you have the bow drawn back fully. Then all you have to do is pull the string back and glance through the small circle to determine the target shot.


The main thing about a peep sight is getting it properly positioned so it is at a natural placement for the shooter to easily see through the sight when targeting their shot. You should not have to move the bow or your head in any way to see perfectly through the peep hole.

Ghost Ring vs Peep Sight

In all honesty there is not enough difference between a ghost ring and a peep sight to make a comparison. They are both small open ring sites that attach to the bow string and give the hunter the opportunity to hone their target site in perfectly before releasing the arrow.

In some instance when people talk about a ghost ring and a peep sight they are actually talking about the same device.

3/16 vs ¼ Peep Sight

The smaller peep sight will increase the accuracy you have in your shot and trajectory. The larger sight will provide you with more light and will make it easier for you to sight the target in when the lighting around you is dim or insufficient.

The most frequently installed peep sight is the 3/16” and it fits well onto all bow varieties. The ¼” is slightly more difficult to install and to learn to use, but once you do you will love the accuracy you develop.

Peep Sight vs Open Sight

The peep sight is often smaller than the open sight and the smaller sight gives you a greater amount of shot accuracy.

The open sight allows you to utilize more light but it requires a lot of practice to learn to utilize the sight and the light. The peep sight is basic and you do not need to practice as much to learn to utilize the peep sight to develop your aim.

Once you have a peep sight properly installed using it will be like second nature to you.

How to Bow-fish & When to Bow-fish

Bow fishing is a fast paced sport that is exhilarating and challenging at the same time. Before you begin on your adventure make sure you check to see what regulations your state has on license requirements and fish species that can be taken with a bow.

Some areas have restricted bow fishing or allow no bow fishing so be sure and check the local regulations before you head to the water.

You can bow fish from a boat or from the bank if you do not have a boat. The bow fishing activity is done in shallow water that is not more than 4 feet in depth. The fish come into the shallow water to feed and that is when you get an opportunity to shoot them with the arrow.

You can do this in fresh waters or salt waters. You want to be in shallow waters no more than four foot deep and you want to be in the clearest water possible. Yes the clear water makes your boat more visible to the fish but it also makes the fish more visible to you.

Bow fishing can be done at any time of the day or night, but the majority of bow fishing enthusiasts like to go when it is dark so they can use bright halogen lights to shine on the fish and give them slightly more time to get off a shot.

The night fishing also increases the chances that you will get a shot at a larger fish. Larger fish normally stay hidden and then under the cover of darkness they will venture into the shallow water for a good meal. If you are patient you can find some really great opportunities to get some big fish in the dark.

Ease into the area you plan to fish as quietly as possible. Shut your motor off before you get to the spot and use a trolling motor to putter along slowly. The sound of your motor will scare a lot of the fish, especially the big ones, away.

Listen for the sounds of fish splashing, or use your spot light and shine into the water to see the fish. When you see a fish take aim, make sure to aim below the fish, and shoot your arrow quickly. The light will cause the fish to remain still for a short amount of time, but then they are going to high-tail it out of there so you have to get your shot off as quickly as possible.

FAQ’s About Bow Peep Sights

How to Install a Peep Sight?

Relax the tension on the bowstring. Use a bow press to further release string tension. Separate the 2 strands of the bow-string. Slide the peep sight in between the separated strings. Use a piece of serving string to wrap around the bow string so that it holds pressure on the peep sight. Usually you need about an 18” piece of serving string. Make this wrap on each side of the peep sight to secure it. When the peep is being held securely then cut any dangling pieces of serving string away. Put some super glue on the serving string wraps to secure them further.

What Bow Peep Sight Size Best for Hunting?

The majority of people with peep sights use the 3/16” sights. These sights will fit onto the majority of all bow brands and types. It is said that smaller peep sights increase your accuracy while larger peep sights improve targeting in low or dim light situations.

Why should you use a peep sight on my bow?

A peep sight helps you to maintain a true trajectory by allowing you to clearly sight in where you wish the arrow to strike the target. These sights are not mandatory on a bow, and you can sight your target in without using a peep sight, but they do help you to make sure you have your target in plain sight.

Final Word

You do not have to have a peep sight installed on your bow in order to make accurate shots. Installing a peep sight will help you to zero in on the target and create a truer trajectory for the arrow. Using a peep sight is a personal preference, but there are a lot of experienced archery enthusiasts that would not attempt to shoot without one.

Peep sights are inexpensive and can be extremely useful in helping you to make the target sighting process a perfect one. Peep sights that are smaller help you to get more hits because you zero in on a smaller portion of your target, and when you aim small you will be more likely to hit big.

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