Best Archery Targets

One of the overlooked archery accessories is the target. You cannot become proficient at archery unless you practice. When you practice you must aim at something while you are shooting. When you aim at something you need it to not damage your arrow, be durable, and capture your shots, even if you do not hit the mark.

We asked our archery experts what they thought the best archery target should be. Since the targets are made in a variety of styles, out of a variety of materials, our experts broke their choices up accordingly.

Best Archery Targets

1. Block Classic Archery Target


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This is a two-sided target. It is black with white aiming sections so it is very easy to sight the specific position you want the arrow to enter. Once you have shot an arrow into the target it is very easy for you to retrieve the arrow. Your arrow tip will not be damaged by the material of the block.

This block has a convenient carry handle attached to it. You can easily carry it to remote locations. It does not have to have anything to prop it up, and requires no tools to set it up.

2. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target


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This target is specifically designed to improve your use of a compound bow. It is brightly colored so it is very easy to sight in the exact location you are aiming at.

The bag does not require any tools or props to set it in position. It has a handle that makes it easy to transport. It also has grommets that allow you to tie it down on your four-wheeler, or in the back of your truck.

When you go to extract the arrow from the target you will not need more than two fingers. It is that easy to pull your arrow free.

3. Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target


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There is a convenient carry handle located at the top of the cube. It is designed from self-healing foam. That foam makes the item lightweight and easy to transport. The self-healing foam also makes the target more durable and longer lasting.

You can use this target with the majority of arrow-heads, including but not limited to; broadheads, field points and expandable arrow heads.

4. GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core


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This is an archery cube and it has 18 different target specifics so you can learn to shoot at a wide variety of angles. It is dark with bright target zones that make it highly visible.

Get ready deer hunters. This is a 3D target designed to ensure that you make the perfect kill shot the next time that mossy horned buck steps into your line of sight.

The arrows are easily removed due to the technology used to fuse the layers of the target together. Less damage to arrow heads, and more practice shots. It is perfect for field tip arrows and broadheads, no matter what bow you use.

You can easily shoot 1000 arrows into this deer target before it begins to need replacing. It has a replaceable core insert for when it does start to look a little ragged.

5. Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target


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The vivid yellow color of this bag style target will increase your ability to take better aim at the shooting zones. It also has two carry handles at the top of the unit so it is very easy to carry with you. It does not require any special tools or external props to get it ready to shoot at.

The design allows you to shoot virtually every type of arrow from every type of bow. You will find the arrows easy to remove, and not damaged at all by the shot. You will also find that the bag allows you to shoot thousands of arrow shots into it without replacing it, the cover, or the internal sections.

6. Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-425 Field Point Bag Archery Target


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This bag style target is yellow and black and has bright red shooting zones for you to hone in on. It has a carry handle so you can move it with little effort. It also has external grommets at the top that make it easy to lash the item onto your four-wheeler before you head off down a bumpy trail.

It is a long-life target that can handle shots from crossbows or compound bows. You can shoot any arrow head you choose, and you can shoot from any distance you prefer. This item is made in the USA.

7. GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core


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This is a perfect 3D buck replica to get you ready for hunting season. The target is the same size as a typical 250-pound white-tail deer. The shoulder is 36” and the total height is 60”. You can increase your ability to make the best shot in the best place.

This target is made in the USA. It can handle any arrow head type shot from any bow type. It is made with internal layers that are fused together. That allows you to shoot more arrows at the target before needing to replace the inner core section.

What is a Peep Sight and the Purpose of use?

A peep sight is a tool used to align the front sight of the bow with your target. The peep sight on a bow works just like the sight bead on a rifle does. The archer looks through the peep sight and gets the location on their target that they wish the arrow to strike. When they release the arrow, they have a greater chance of it striking their target perfectly.

A peep sight is a simple accessory that increase the accuracy with which you can shoot. You do not have to have a peep sight on your bow, but if you choose to use this accessory your accuracy will improve dramatically, and if you are hunting game you will acquire a greater amount of game with fewer missed shots.

How to Tie in a Peep Sight

Tying in a peep sight is a basic skill that every archer should know how to do. Tying in the sight assures you that the peep does not shift positions. This procedure also protects you, and people who are in your vicinity, from injuries that can occur when using this type of sight.

Step One:

You need to cut a length of serving thread to about 24 inches.

Step Two:

Wedge one end of the thread into the “Y” that is created when you place the peep between your bow string.

Step Three:

Grasp the longest end of the thread and hold it above the peep. Begin to wrap the thread over the short tail that you are holding in place.

Step Four:

Increase the tension on the thread as you make your wraps. You are steadily moving towards the peep and the wraps are being pulled tightly together as you make them.

Step Five:

After you make nine wraps take the short piece of thread and wrap it twice on one side of the “Y” in your bow-string.

Step Six:

Wrap the thread down and around the string groove in the peep.

Step Seven:

Take the long piece of the thread and go below the peep, staying on the same side of the bow-string, and pull the thread tight.

Step Eight:

This process will lock the peep into the string as it cinches the thread tightly around the peep.

Step Nine:

You are now going to make wraps on the other section of the bow-string just like the first nine wraps you made above the peep.

Step ten:

Pull the loose ends taut and cut them with a sharp knife.

Buying guide and usages

In archery sports not all arrows are created equal. Not all bows are created equal. The differences in the bows and arrows you use create the differences in the targets you should use.

Before you purchase a target learn what types of targets work best with the shooting style you have, and the weapon you will be using. Remember that an arrow is designed to be sharp and to penetrate things. That means the target you use must capture the arrow so you do not injure or damage anything other than the target you are aiming at.


You may be taking the target to an area that allows you to set it up twenty feet or more from your standing position. You may be practicing in an area that limits or restricts the distance you can be from the target. You need to know these limitations and put them to your advantage when you are choosing a target.

Type of targets

  • Bag

These targets are very easy to reposition. They are very mobile, and durable. A bag target generally lasts longer than most other target types. They are also designed to be used with arrows that are moving at high speeds. They are weighted on the bottom so they stand upright and you do not have to attach them to a tree or post. Removing the arrows from these targets is easily done by most archers.

  • 3D

3D targets are visual aides that resemble the wildlife species that you will be hunting. These targets help you to improve the accuracy of where you target the wildlife when you are hunting. They are designed for use with high speed arrow shots. They improve kill accuracy.

  • Foam

These are very large blocks of foam that are designed to capture the arrow. The density and firmness of the foam varies among the target manufacturers. The foam captures the target well, and they make the removal of the arrow easy for most archers. You can find these blocks in different sizes and densities. The larger blocks are more expensive than the smaller ones.

  • Cubes

Cube targets may be crafted from several materials. The cube offers you the ability to take shots at different angles and improve your over-all shooting abilities. Foam cubes are usually light-weight, and they are very durable.

  • Paper

Paper targets are pictures of a bulls-eye designed to improve your shooting. Most paper targets are attached to foam blocks, bales of hay, or other targets that can capture the arrow. Sometimes these targets are free-hung, and sometimes they are hung on the side of trees or buildings.

They are inexpensive, and depending on what they are attached to, they can be either easy to remove the arrow from or difficult.

Consider the following before you choose a target.

  • Size

You want a target that is large enough to catch any missed shots. The target protects everything that is situated behind it. You also want to remember that the larger targets weigh more than the smaller targets and this can make them more difficult to carry into the field to practice with.

  • Durability

You want to buy a target that is designed to be durable. You want to be able to use the item several times. The durability of the target will be affected by the materials that are used in the design.

  • Arrow Removal

You want to easily be able to remove the arrow that is caught in your target. You do not want to get tired from fighting your arrow trying to retrieve it.

  • Set-Up

A bag target is a free-standing device that you carry to your location, set it down and then use. Some targets require walls or props to be placed behind them to hold them erect. Know what it will take to set your target up so you can determine if you will need to carry additional items with you, or if you will need any tools to establish the target.

  • Cost

A 3D wildlife target is a lot more expensive than a traditional paper target. A foam target costs more than a simple paper target. A simple paper target requires you to have something behind the target to capture the arrow.

You want to consider the price of the target and the durability or longevity of the item before you commit. You also may want to practice on multiple types of targets. You might want to use a paper target or a bag target and then when you are getting very good you might want to switch to a 3D target.

Some people use larger targets and they steadily reduce the size of their targets over time so they can improve their skills and narrow their possibilities of missed shots.

DIY Archery Target

You do not have to buy an archery target. You can create your own targets. Many archers find that creating their own targets provides them with something that is more useful than most store-bought targets, and often saves them a great deal of money.

Before you begin to create your own targets, you need to consider what you need from the target, what type of bow you will be shooting, and the distance the target will be from your shooting position.

A rag bag target is a good do-it-yourself project. Almost everyone has the materials to create a rag bag so the cost is minimal.

Materials Needed

  • Boards to create the frame (they need to be 18” in length)
  • Cardboard that measures 18” x 18” to cover the rags and hold them in place; You can also use a piece of foam board to cover the opening
  • Assorted rags made up of old clothing, towels, sheets, and material items. You can even use pillow stuffing and old pieces of foam

Step One: Build a Frame

To create one of these targets you will need to build a wooden frame to hold the rags. You are basically building a box with no bottom or top. Scrap lumber can be used in this building project.

Cut your boards so that your final box will measure 18 inches x 18 inches. Nail or screw the boards together to create a frame.

Step 2: Start the Stuffing

On one side of the frame you need to attach a piece of the cardboard. This will hold the rags inside the frame you have constructed.

Take your pieces of cloth and stuff then tightly into the open space. You want to put as many of the rags as possible in the space.

Finish this portion of the project by attaching the last cardboard piece, or the foam board to the open side of the frame. This will hold the rags in place.

Step 3: Bulls-Eye

You need a bulls-eye drawn on the cardboard so you have a perfect area to shoot at. You can download a bulls-eye and print it out. Then attach the paper to the target, or you can draw a bulls-eye on the cardboard.

You are now ready to shoot and retrieve your arrows. The cardboard and the soft rags inside the frame should do minimal damage to your arrows, but will catch the arrow and prevent them from doing damages to something else.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Target for Powerful Crossbows and Compound Bows?

The best target for these types of bows are filled targets. You do not want to simply hang a paper bulls-eye onto a tree and shoot at it. These weapons are capable of shooting the arrows a long distance, and those arrows are capable of doing a great deal of damage to the item they come into contact with.

Choose a filled target like a bag target, or even a hay bale with a paper target attached to it. You want something behind the bulls-eye that can capture the arrow and not be damaged during the process.

What is the best target for practicing archery and or throwing knives?

Most archers agree that foam makes one of the best possible targets. The foam is lightweight and can be easily moved by most people. It can be fashioned into any size or shape that you prefer, but is most frequently sold in blocks/ Foam is a perfect target material for all bows and all arrow types. It is also a fantastic material for knife throwing.The foam does not damage or compromise the tip of an arrow or the blade of a knife.

How much does an archery target cost?

Targets come in a variety of styles and materials so they also come in a variety of prices. The cheapest targets are paper targets.

They may cost less than five dollars each, but they are generally a one-use item, and they require something to be behind them so they can contain the arrow, foam and bag targets are anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

3D targets can cost between $150 and $1500 dollars depending on the materials, and design on the item.

Wrapping Up

A target is a necessary archery accessory. You cannot become proficient at shooting a bow and arrow without practice. You cannot practice without a target to shoot at. Buying the right target will improve your skills and abilities.

The target you use will partially be determined by the shooting style you have. Paper targets are inexpensive and you can even print them out using your home computer system. Before you buy a target decide your shooting style, and what you need the target to do for you.

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