Best Archery Releases For Bow Hunting

Archery is a hobby that is demanding, and requires you to develop skills in order to excel at the use of bows and arrows. We love archery and we want everyone who has a desire to know more about the sport to have easy to access information on the subject.

The best archery release is hard to recommend because personal experience and shooting style play a large part in the release type you will use. We assembled a group of archers who ranged from novice to expert, and even included one or two that had target panic, to try an assortment of releases. The following products are the top picks of that group.

Top 5 Best Archery Releases In 2021

1. TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release- Best Budget Bow Release


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This is the best budget bow release on the market. Durability is one of the greatest features of the TruFire Patriot archery compound bow release. It is an index finger style release with a wrist strap. It has a steel trigger that is easy to use and will remain easy to use for thousands of shots in the future.

The trigger to this release is adjustable. You determine the amount of sensitivity the trigger has, and the amount of force it will take to pull the trigger. That makes this device great for newbies, youngsters, and all archers no matter what age, size, or gender they are.

This unit can be used by people who shoot with either hand. The strap is adjustable so it can be made to fit comfortably on any wrist size.

2. TruFire Edge Buckle Foldback- Best Adjustable Bow Release

TruFire Edge Buckle Foldback

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Attractive, easy to use and versatile all come to mind when talking about TruFire Edge buckle foldback index finger release. It has an attractive camo design that looks good and blends in with your hunting gear.

The release allows you to adjust the length of the finger strap, and it has a locking option so you do not have to worry about shooting the device before you intend to. That is a safety feature that also increases your accuracy.

The device also can be used on either a right hand or a left hand so it is versatile. It is quiet, and the strap buckles on so it stays perfectly adjusted to your wrist size. The trigger design allows you to open the jaws by pulling the trigger and close the jaws when the trigger is released.

3. TruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery- Best Compound Bow Release


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This is the best compound bow release for hunting. Hands free operation is provided with the foldable buckle strap index finger release. It is completely adjustable so it is a custom fit for every archer no matter if you have a dominant right hand or a dominant left hand. The head pivots so the torque at full draw is eliminated.

TruFire hardcore buckle foldback adjustable archery is one of the easiest to use trigger releases ever designed. The hook stays securely in place and does not slip from position so you have less instances of accidental shooting or shot failure.

The strap is designed in an attractive camo pattern that easily matches the rest of your hunting attire. It is quiet, durable, comfortable, and affordable. It is perfect for people just starting to use a release and comes with a locking option to increase safety.

4. Trufire Hardcore Buckle Foldback MAX- Best Bow for Accuracy

Trufire Hardcore Buckle Foldback MAX

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The Trufire Hardcore Buckle Foldback MAX is the best bow for accuracy. Wider wrist strap with twice the padding that normally comes on an index finger release makes this item more comfortable to wear and use. It is adjustable so a youngster can easily fit the device and pull the trigger or a grown man can fit the device and pull the trigger. The pull force adjusts from 3 ounces to 16 ounces.

You will have a release that can be worn on any hand by any archer. The length adjustment is a full 5/8” so you can make it perfectly fit the user. It will immensely improve the accuracy you have when you make a shot.

Your safety, your accuracy, your self-confidence and prowess with a bow will be increased with the simple addition of this USA made accessory.

5. Scott Archery Little Goose Release

Scott Archery Little Goose Release

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Adjustments with this index finger release mechanism are easier, and more versatile. It has a five-hole length adjustment that pretty well ensures that everyone will be able to use this accessory no matter what size they are.

The jaw design on this device creates better string clearance and less interference. You will drastically improve your accuracy and have fewer misfires using this device.

The Scott archery little goose release looks great and blends in with your other hunting attire. Is quiet so it does not scare the game if you use when hunting. It has an easy to release trigger that will allow you to take your time and concentrate on aiming instead of on releasing the arrow.

Buying Guide of Best Archery Release

A bow release can help you maintain control so that you do not release your arrow until the time is exactly right. Timing is a key element in bow hunting and a release can improve your timing.

Before you start buying releases take the time to read the following pro tips, and features that are available on these items. Then you can make a list of what you want your release to do for you, and compare the releases that offer that opportunity.

Each style of release offers different advantages, and the final decision on which device to use is based on personal preference.


There are three basic target release styles. The index finger releases that are worn on a wrist strap around your wrist, the handheld thumb releases and the back-tension releases.

Style of release is determined by personal preference, and ability. Most people prefer to use a trigger activated release because they are easier to use. Some people suffer from target panic and trigger activated releases are harder for those individuals to use.

If you are a new comer to archery the trigger style releases may be more adaptable to your abilities at using other weapons like rifles or shotguns.


You want to make sure that the release you choose can be adjusted to match your needs. You do not want to have to change your drawing cycle, or alter the way you shoot to accommodate the release.

How Easy is the Release to Use?

The release you choose needs to be easy for you to use. Of course, with any new accessory you will have a period of time when you are learning to operate the device properly. But you do not want a release that you have to concentrate to use.

Using the release should be an automatic reflex for you, and if you have to think about the steps you have to make in order to use the item then you will not improve using that style of release.

You want a release that is comfortable in your hand, and does not cause any strain. You want a release that you can handle, and preferably one that has a built-in safety mechanism to prevent misfire or accidental firing of the arrow.


If the release makes a lot of noise and you are using your bow to hunt wild game then the release may frighten the game and cause you to lose your shot. You want a release that is ultra-quiet if you use your bow for hunting.

If you simply use your bow in target shooting and target competitions then the sound the release makes is not as important.

Target Panic Considerations

Target panic causing the archer to flinch or pull the trigger of the target in a jerking motion and the end results are missed or poor shots. If you suffer from target panic sometimes practice will help you overcome this tendency. You might also want to consider bow releases that do not have trigger mechanisms because they eliminate the target panic flinch.


The cost of every item is always a consideration. You should know that the thumb releases are most likely going to cost more than index finger releases, or tension releases. You have to look at the amount of money you can afford to spend on the item, then shop around to find the best deal on the items you truly want.

Sometimes it is better to spend a little more money and get the precise item you want than to spend less money and get an item that you cannot, or do not use.

Types of Bow Release

  • Index Finger Releases

The index finger release is probably the most popular bow release there is. The majority of people who are accustomed to using firearms find the finger release easy because you activate it much like you activate a trigger on a firearm.

With this type of release the archer has to pull the trigger in order for the arrow to be released.

  • Thumb Releases

You will hear these releases referred to as thumb trigger releases or thumb button releases. This release is activated when you use your thumb to pull a trigger. These items take some practice to get used to, but most archers who have them say they love them.

They do not come with a wrist strap but you can simply hook them into your D-loop and have them easy to reach.

  • Hinge Style Releases

You may have heard these releases called a back=tension release. It is a handheld unit and it does not have a trigger that you depress like the other two release styles.

Hinge releases are difficult to master. Once you have mastered them, they prevent target panic and they allow you to concentrate on aiming the arrow instead of worrying about the release.

A minute backward rotation of the release allows the arrow to be sent flying. This requires the use of your back muscles, the rhomboid muscles, to create the power for the release.

  • Tension Releases

The tension release style is worked like the hinge release, except, with the tension release there is a built-in safety mechanism that prevents misfiring. Often when you are using a hinge release when you draw back your bowstring the arrow is inadvertently released too quickly. The tension release is designed to prevent this accidental arrow release from happening.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bow Release

What is the Best Archery Release for Hunting?

There is not one release that is best for all archery styles or equipment. The most often used bow release is the index fingerstyle releases because they are easy to use, easy to keep up with, and they allow you to pull a trigger much like you would pull on a firearm. Most people adapt to this style of release quickly.

Why Do You Need to Use a Bow Release?

A bow release is not a mandatory item. You can shoot an arrow without a release, but the bow release will improve your shots, increase your accuracy, and make archery a little easier. You use a bow release to enhance your experience, and help you to develop greater skills.

Final Word

In order for you to find the best bow release you must know what style of release you will feel most comfortable using. That sounds like I am simply putting off answering the question of which bow release is best, and what bow release should you use.

Bow releases are designed to enhance the shooting experience and increase the accuracy of the archer. In order for the equipment to do that the archer must find the equipment easy to use, and beneficial.

All accessories will require you to practice using them and give yourself time to become accustomed to using them. If you are able to try one of the different release styles before you buy a release then you are more likely to get an item that benefits you completely.

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