Best 3D Archery Targets For Hunting Practice in 2021-Top 11 Reviews

3D archery target allows the shooter to develop the skills and abilities they need to hit specific game animals in the best possible location for a one-shot kill. A typical target allows the archer to become better at hitting a target from on specific distance, but with a 3D target, the archer gets to learn the best arrow placement according to the game they prefer to hunt.

We asked avid bow hunters and instructors to help us determine the best 3D archery targets. These items range in sizes from as small as a skull replication to as large as a grown elk. The list of targets they liked the most is included below. They also gave us some sound advice on 3D target options and how to make the most of these accessories.

Best 3D Archery Targets

1. HME Li’l Pals Dog Slicker Brush


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The Li’l Pals Dog Slicker Brush is a stand that is made to hold a 3D archery target in position. The stand gives you the opportunity to set up your target so that it stands erect and you can practice your shots.

This stand has a great powder coating and can be used indoors or outdoors. It has a unique raised leg design that allows it to be more stable on uneven ground.

It is adjustable from 19” to 29” so it fits a wide range of targets. It is very lightweight and easy to set-up. It can withstand hits without swaying or falling over.

2. Field Logic Big Shooter Buck


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This is a great buck deer target that will allow you to hone your skills perfectly. It has a replaceable core so it lasts longer and gives you more bang for the buck.

Big shooter buck 3d archery target is stable and stands 48” tall. It will not allow a broadhead or field tip arrow to penetrate it and be lost. The arrows are easily removed from the target and are not damaged by the target. It even comes with ground stakes that allow it to be anchored in place for more stability.

It is weather resistant, and has drawn scoring rings in the exact positions the vital organs of a deer would be.

3. McKenzie Brand Delta Aim Rite Bear


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This realistic bear shaped 3D target will help you to prepare for your bear hunting encounter. It stands 28” high and it can easily withstand an arrow traveling a 350 feet per second. You can use broadhead tips of field tips.

The 3D bear comes with two metal stakes that you place in the ground to hold the item stable. It is weather resistant and can be left outside all-year. The only problem is it is realistic and it might cause you to think you have a bear in the yard.

You will be able to learn to shoot an arrow at the exact one-shot kill locations of a bear using this target. The arrows are easy to remove, It is a little heavy when compared to other 3D targets, but it is designed to be used for many practice years.

4. Rinehart Targets Woodland Boar


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This 3d target is a realistic replica of a woodland boar hog. It stands 24” tall and easily withstands shots from compound or cross bows. It is tough and durable. You can also leave it outdoors all-year with no problems.

The scoring rings are designed to help you hit a boar in the best kill location. It has a foam insert that captures the arrows without damaging them. The arrows are easy to remove, and the foam insert is replaceable when it has been used to a replacement point.

The target is fully assembled and has two stakes included. The stakes go through the feet of the target to hold the boar in an upright and natural position. It can take the hits from a compound or cross bow, and withstand a little wind without swaying or falling.

5. KillerGear Brand Mature Cow Elk Target


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This 3D target is a light weight and portable item that is designed to camouflage you and attract a bull elk’s attention. If you sit quietly behind this umbrella design target and use a natural elk call you can trick the bull into coming close enough that you will be able to get a perfect kill shot.

This item can be used for target practice, but is designed to be used as target camouflage. It is an excellent decoy that is easy to use, and durable. It is an umbrella design but the material is thick enough to hide you and not let your shadow shine through.

6. Rinehart Brand Woodland Elk Target


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This is a bull elk replica with scoring rings designed to help you perfect your shot. You are only going to get one shot at a bull elk so you need to make that arrow count.

This is a very durable target because it is made from self-healing foam. Your arrow is captured carefully and when you pull it out the entry hole heals over. The arrow is very easy to remove from the foam, and you can shoot broadhead or field tips into it.

This target does not come with a stand but does come with two anchor poles that drive into the ground, then the target is sat on top of the poles. They keep t stable and upright.

7. Delta McKenzie Brand Howling Coyote Target


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This target is a realistic replica of a howling coyote. We all know that coyote’s are wary and if you get a shot at one you will only get one chance so you better make it count. The shot rings are specifically located to help you make a critical shot with the first arrow.

You can use field tip arrows or the expandable, or broadhead arrows for your target practice. You are getting a target made from self-healing foam so the arrow will not damage the target, and you can make repeat shots in the same location without doing major damage.

It weighs less that fourteen pounds and measures 35” x 24” x 10”. It comes with metal stakes that anchor it into the ground. It is very realistic in appearance, and can be left outside all-year with no complications.

8. Rinehart Brand Woodland Coyote


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This 3D target is crafted from self-healing foam so it can take hit after hit and still be viable. It is realistic sized, but not as realistic looking as some 3D targets.

Arrow retrieval from the foam is very easy. You do not have to lube the arrow to make sure that it will pull free of the foam. It can be left outside in any weather conditions without suffering any damage.

You do not have to have a stand to place this target on because it comes with stakes that you drive into the ground. The stakes keep it standing sturdy and upright so you can practice.

9. Rinehart Brand Woodland Strutting Turkey


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This ten-pound turkey will get you ready to bag your holiday bird. It measures 21” x 19” x 27” and has an IBO insert shooting ring. If you shoot your ring so often that it becomes worn you can easily replace the ring.

If you shoot a bow with a 60-pound draw weight you can expect as much as a 5-inch penetration from the arrow. If you hit the ring the arrows are super-easy to remove, and f you miss the ring the arrows are still pretty easy to remove.

The target is realistically sized and looks like a real Tom. You do not have to worry about bringing the target in after each practice session because it is durable and weather resistant.

10. Delta McKenzie Brand Woodchuck Target


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This woodchuck target is very realistic in appearance and size. If you use it for target practice you will undoubtedly gain the skills you need to make an exact shot each time. Your competition shooting scores are about to improve drastically.

The lbo scoring rings will give you a precise location target so you can learn to bulls-eye each time you shoot. It is durable and can be left outside, but it is also very light and easy to store when you are through practicing.

It is made from self-healing foam so even after dozens of arrows have penetrated it you will not see the holes or evidence of the penetration. The arrows slide back out of the foam easily, and it does not damage your arrows.

11. Delta McKenzie Fox


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This 3D backyard target is a replica of a fox. It has scoring rings designed to show you where you would want an arrow to hit a real fox. It is made of self-healing foam that is flexible enough to withstand the punishment of arrows, and last for many years.

This little guy is a realistic sized target. Your scoring rings are made in realistic locations and not exaggerated so they do help you perfect your competition shooting abilities. It has been treated with an ultra-violet resistant coating that keeps it from being damaged by the sun. it does not fade, or become brittle because of outdoor weather condition exposure.

The fox replica stands 20” tall and will provide you with many hours of enjoyable target practice.

What is a 3D Archery Target?

A 3D archery target is a realistically sized and shaped target that resembles one particular animal. They allow the archer to learn to shoot an arrow in the precise location of the vital organs of that particular creature. They prepare the shooter for hunting scenarios and allow the hunter to see exactly how close they have to be to the animal to get the shot they need to make a kill using just one arrow.

3D archery targets are made from different materials, but flex foam is one of the most common. The foam absorbs the arrow and when the arrow is removed the damage caused by the arrow entry heals over so it is undetectable. This allows the target to be used longer and for the archer to hit the same location repeatedly without having to replace the target.

These targets need to either be placed on a stand that is designed to hold them upright, or they often come with stakes that drive into the ground and hold them firmly in position.

3D Target Durability

The majority of 3D targets are made from durable materials that allow the target to be used for long periods of time. These targets are fairly expensive and when you get one you want to make sure that you can get your money’s worth of use out of it.

The flex foam targets are self-healing. That means that the foam seals back over after you pull the arrow from it. This action makes it possible for the target to last longer. It makes it possible for you to repeat a kill shot into a vital zone more than one time.

Some targets are made from weather resistant materials and others need to be covered and protected when not in use. If you make it a habit of covering all of your targets, they will be more durable and long-lasting.

If you buy a target with a removable insert make sure to read the instructions on insert replacement carefully.

3D Target Maintenance

Most of these targets are made to be weather resistant. That means they can stay outdoors with a low probability of damage from the weather. Weather resistant does not mean that they will not receive some damage from the sun, the wind, the rain and the snow. If you really want your target to last a long time then you have to maintain it.

Your best option is to buy a cover that you can place over any target that would be hard to store indoors. If you have several small targets consider storing those indoors out of the weather. The tarp should be dark in color so it stops the sun from penetrating. Most targets can be covered with a grill cover. These covers are easy to install and easy to remove. The sun can weaken outdoor objects, and freezing weather can too.

3D Target Placement

Where you place your target will determine the longevity of the target. If you have a shady area in your yard that will provide protection to the target from the damages of the sun then that is a great place for your target.

The target that you buy should be appropriate for the size of the area you have to place it in. If you have a small back yard and you get targets the size of full-grown elk or bear, then the target is not going to be an adequate distance from your shooting position.

Shooting the target from a distance that is not far enough may cause the arrows to damage the target worse than they should. Shooting at this shorter range will not allow you to develop the skills you need.

Choose the target based on distance. Choose a target that can take the strength of the bow you are shooting. Get a target that has replaceable inserts or healing foam because they are more forgiving about placement.

Archery Field vs. Target vs. 3D – Comparison

The main differences here are in the way the targets are placed and arranged. In archery field shooting the archer navigates a course that is laid out, much like a golf course has golfers go from hole to hole with obstacles and challenges along the way.

In field archery shooting the terrain the archer covers will change and the distances they have to stand to make their shots viable will also change. They may have to stand downhill from a target and shoot, or the target may be under the cover of trees or other obstacles.

In 3D shooting the target is a realistic looking creation that allows the shooter to practice shooting at a specific location on an animal. The distance from the target is determined by the location and the needs of the hunter.

Simple targets are used to teach a shooter to make a shot into a bulls-eye from a specific distance. These targets can be simple paper targets, or bag shaped targets filled to capture the arrow.

Types of 3D Archery Targets – Most 3d archery targets are made from foam. The foam allows the arrow to have good penetration without causing damages to the arrow. The foam is generally self-healing so it covers the damages caused by the foam and it makes the target last longer.

3D targets are available in realistic replicas of all types of small and large game animals. The targets are fashioned realistically so the scoring rings placed on them allow the archer to learn to shoot that type of animal in a specific killing location that will strike a vital organ. This is done so that the hunter can kill in a more humane manner.

There are some targets that are fashioned from plastics and have inserts of foam at the scoring rings. Some of the targets are tarp like covers that go over a dense core material that can withstand being struck by an arrow repeatedly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can 3D Targets Stay Outside all Year?

This will depend on the material the target is made from. Although there are a large number of targets designed to be able to withstand all types of weather you target will last longer if you cover it with a tarp when not in use. The rays of the sun can be very hard on these items.

How Much does Archery Target Cost?

The price of the archery target is determined by the type of target, and the size and detail of the target. The cheapest targets are the simple paper targets, and the most expensive targets are the life-sized 3D targets that can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 dollars depending on materials and size.

How Long do Archery Targets Last?

The longevity of an archery target is dependent on the materials the target is made from, the arrows you shoot into it, and the maintenance care that you give it. A target that is not made from self-healing foam will not have a long life-span because the arrow does not damage the foam.

What Color Pin for a 3D Target for Archery?

Green is the best pin color that you can get. Black and brown pins are okay but you will see green as being the best sight color on the range.

Final Word

3D archery targets are the perfect hunting accessory because they prepare the shooter to be able to strike a live animal in the exact skill zone. They are great competition targets because they prepare the shooter to be able to hit small area with precise accuracy.

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